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  • I am just curious if there is a simple way to add a home button/link to the navigation bar of a theme by perhaps creating a page called home and somehow linking that page to the main URL of the site so that the page runs as home button/link from the navigation bar?

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  • C W (VYSO)


    Are you using the built-in Menus function in WordPress? You can add in any menu item you like: there’s no need to resort to artificial approaches like the one you’ve suggested.

    Thank you. I am using the theme called Platform by Pagelines. So I believe I am limited to creating navigation through their framework.

    I sat this because I already tried creating a home Menu item, but but then it cancels out my existing navigation.

    C W (VYSO)


    Since you have asked, you can use this plugin to set up a 301 redirect on a page.

    In my view, a hack-ish solution like this is a second-best option. I always make my own themes, but if I were looking for a theme framework, the ability to control my navigation menu easily would be very important for me. If you can switch to using the built-in WordPress menu, then I would personally do so.

    Thank you Cyril. I ended up using this plugin, created a new page called Home as I had wanted to, and then just used my blog’s homepage as the URL for the page via the plugin. It works like a champ:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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