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  • It looks like they’re putting each article into it’s own div and floating that div left, which means you’ll have to put the divs in the post edit box, give them all the same id, and float them left in the style.css. The headers/titles are <h3> elements. The content/text is in <p> elements.

    The images can be left aligned using “Insert Image” from the post edit box, just make sure you insert it where it goes in the divs.

    The width of the floated divs should be such that two of them will just fit into the width of the content div, that way the floated divs will automatically wrap to give you two articles side by side.

    wooh super cool idea, i never even thought of doing this via the editor thanks for the input,
    But is this feature possible without using the editor

    Without the editor it’s not a “Feature”, it’s a method. If they were to ad this method to the editor, then they would call it a feature of the editor.


    Yes, it’s possible to do everything you can do in the editor without the editor. The editor is just a more user-friendly interface.

    If you’re good with html, css, php, javascript, and all that, then you would have much more control over how you lay out your site/blog, but you’ll also have much more responsibility, security issues, dynamic linking, post tracking, and all the stuff that goes into a dynamic website that you don’t see from the Post Edit Box, because it’s already coded into your theme.

    With the Editor you only have to focus on content writing, and some minor formatting.

    There is a theme that I’m using on my site that does all of this for you…
    It’s called “Arras Theme by Melvin Lee” You can find it

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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