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  • Hi, everyone!

    I’m trying to transfer my “food dictionary” with approximatly 700 terms ( to WordPress. I need fields for the english word, its german translation and for optional additional comments.

    It was no hardship to create a custom post type “dictionary” with title and two custom fields (all shown within a new template single-dictionary.php) for single entries. But I’m now stuck with the “parent page”: How do I show all the entries sorted by their first letter?

    What I need is a “start page” with letters A to Z, each letter a link to all the a-words, the b-words and so on. Any ideas how to achieve that with custom page templates / archives/ categories? I won’t be able to write it myself, but I at least would like to tell someone who knows PHP (but not WordPress) which way to follow 😉

    Many thanx in advance for trying to point me towards the right direction, greetings from Germany – Gabi

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