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  • For Joomla, this is very easy, but is there a plugin or method to create an installable demo content package? I make WordPress themes and often I get asked if there is demo content the user can install to match that of the theme’s demo website. The problem is that the standard backup method does a few things that are a problem:

    • it doesn’t package “everything” as one archive
    • the database backup also includes my personal server info
    • it doesn’t put the widgets in their published locations

    My demo sites use licensed photos so these cannot be imported into someone else’s site, nor can I give them a db backup either because it includes my own server information. The idea would be to create a demo website locally on my XAMPP, then create a full demo package so that all a person has to do is import the archive which will then bring in the content, including images (placeholders), putting widgets into the appropriate locations, importing all plugins and their settings used in the demo, and of course any other settings for the site/theme (especially custom post types).

    Is there anything like this?

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