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  • My need is hopefully pretty simple. I have 20 client sites and what I would like to do is create a blog post and have that blog post appear on all 20 of my client sites. I’m guessing that it’s a plugin I’m looking for.

    The only real requirement is that it allows me to include a no-index, no-follow in the code. That’s because I don’t want my client sites to get hit with duplicate content from Google. Because my client’s sites serve their own local markets, my generic blog posts don’t need to included any SEO juice. My clients will create their own blog posts to serve that purpose. But, I’ve promised them one new generic business blog post a month from me.

    And since I’m not sure what I need or how it works, I have a couple questions about whatever my solution might be.

    1. On what site will I create this blog post? I’d rather not do it from one of theirs, because if that client ever cancels, that blog won’t be there any longer. Should I just install WordPress on an unused domain name I have and send the posts out from there?

    2. Will the blog post I send out for them appear inside their own WordPress dashboard? Just asking in case they want to edit or delete it for any reason (which is fine with me).

    3. Will the title of the blog post I send out for them somehow aggregate into their side-panel “Recent Posts” widget?

    Since I’m unaware of what I’m looking for, let me know if there’s anything else I should consider. Thank you.

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