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  • I’ve been learning how to create plugins after creating one with a admin page and user page that used options I wanted to create it again but make it a widget instead. Can anyone help me figure out where I need to register my widget and add the proper actions etc. I can write the functions to create the output and use the API to look up different hooks to a point but the actions, registering the widget and filters are confusing me. Can’t figure out where I should put them in my plugin so they actually will show the widget allowing it to be dropped into a sidebar and then displayed . I just need some help figuring this out if anyone can take the time. Thanks in advance.

    It’s just a widget that will return the Latest Posts.

    My failed attempt at widgetizing my plugin 🙁

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  • You are using the old widget API. I would not recommend this. A (not so) new widget API is available since WordPress 2.8. Everything is well explained in the codex.

    Keys are creating a new class which extends WP_Widget and registering the widget using ‘widgets_init’ hook. There are some external links at the bottom of the page which may help you too.

    Thanks, that helps. Even reading the comments for the update function I don’t really understand what it does So I would still use the options page setup or is that what update is supposed to handle. Seems the rest comes over 1:1. Thanks for the help

    Maybe it could be clearer if you look at the default widgets code. You can find the source file in wp-includes/default-widgets.php. I always learn a lot looking at the WordPress core functions.

    So I’ve looked through the widgets and set up my plugin using the 2.8 Widget API to look like this It shows up and it shows the default values when dropped into a sidebar but it doesn’t seem to save any of the options. I’ve got the same setup as the example and the default-widgets.php. I’ve named the form fields the same etc but when I save a new show_number it whips the defaults, refreshing the widget page whips the defaults and they don’t load in the sidebar. I definitely don’t understand how they work or why the same setup didn’t from default-widgets.

    Found it I had used get_field_id in the form elements name instead of get_field_name. Thanks for all the help

    Sorry last question, where would you load styles and scripts. I found this snippet but it doesn’t seem to do the trick in the couple places I’ve tried placing it.

    You have to use wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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