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    I developed a site using Gutenverse on my local machine. When I moved it to the live server, the fonts were broken. Gutenverse is generating a file in /wp-content/fonts/ that includes paths on my local machine, like so:

    src: url(D:/MAMP/htdocs/wallach/wp-content//fonts/heebo/NGSpv5_NC0k9P_v6ZUCbLRAHxK1EiS2sd0mg7UiCXC5VkK8.woff) format('woff');

    I deleted those auto-generated .css files, but they came back again with the wrong links.

    • Where does Gutenverse get that URL from so that I can correct it?
    • Is there an option to simply load the fonts from Google rather than the site’s own wp-content?

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    I have worked around the issue by adding an @import for the Google font into my site’s custom CSS, but I’d love to know where it’s finding the reference to the dev environment so I can make sure it doesn’t break anything else.

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    Hi @arothman

    That should be fonts loaded by the theme (not plugin), if you use Gutenverse theme, it use wptt-webfont-loader.php to load the font.
    If you familiar with codes, you can check the class-init.php file inside the theme folder.

    There is a similar user having this issue here :

    The file indeed regenerate again, but it should use your current site link instead of your local links. In your case it’s quite odd, did you use any caching plugin?

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    Looks like deleting the entire ‘Fonts’ folder, not just the .css files, was required.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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