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    I would like to know how I could take the french version of our site, make a copy and install it in a sub-directory to create the english without having to re-build the whole site. I want everything to be transfered as is. The plugins, pages, content, posts, themes, css, etc… Is there any way to do this simply manually and should I install a multi-site network before doing so ? Thank you for helping out.

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  • Multisite makes separate sites, but … I think if you made a Multisite and use the Blog Copier plugin to copy the main site to the /en site, you can translate the content in the new site.

    O this sound good, I will try it. Thank you. I will let you know if it worked.

    It is working like a charm, super easy. This is the best solution I found so far. Thank you very much.

    It does not copy my css and template styling but I can do that manually or from the template function, I am using the Thesis 2.0 frame. I will have to research on how to import all styling.

    In fact it works like a charm, I think the styling is copied with the plugin you suggested. Thank you so much, you made my week-end 🙂

    Je vous en prie!

    OK, back to square 1. First of all I asked my question to backup buddy and they said : “Multisite functionality with BackupBuddy is in beta so is not officially supported, so if don’t definitely need a multisite that may actually be better doing them as standalone sites.”

    Also, blog copier won’t let me pick the root site as the site to copy from. see this image :

    So I am back to square 1. I need a solution for this problem : I created a site at and it is in french. I created a network multi-site and added a new site as a sub/directory at I want to copy the main site to the new site so that I can build the english from the exact replica of the french and not from scratch as it is right now.

    Surely there is a simple manual solution to do this ? It can’t be that complicated, can’t I move all the files to re-create a duplicate ? Maybe I am going in the wrong direction with a multisite network for a bilingual blog but I love the plugin multisite language switcher and it works only with network. I do not wish to buy the WPML plugin.

    You could make a ‘default’ subsite to copy from.

    It’s not simple, since you’re not moving files but the DB tables, AND you have to readjust them for the new blog URL.

    Maybe the best thing would be that I do 2 seperate site without a network and copy one to the other, then the database would not be mixed up and I could use another kind of plugin for language switching, other then multi-site language switcher. I heard about WPML as being a good one.

    Do you think this would make things simpler for me ?

    Which ever is easier for you to use is better 🙂 Everyone has different comfort levels.

    In fact I could resolve the issue with a much simpler solution. I kept my Network, created a new site for the english then applied my theme and styling to it. Once that was done and only then I proceed as instructed below. You must do it in this order, otherwise it seem it create some kind of conflict with the theme.

    Now as far as making a copy of the original site (pages, posts, menu, etc,… here are the instructions :

    Go to the original site and Export with the WordPress Tools – Export menu – all the pages, posts and images from the original site then go to the new site and Import that (it’s an .xml file) with the WordPress Tools – Import menu. To import you need to click on the WordPress link in the import window and it will instal what is call the “Importer” (it is a small plugin). Everything is done smoothly. If done in that order. Otherwise, when I imported the pages posts, menus, images, etc… before activating my theme and importing the CSS, it seem it was creating a conflict.

    See the result at : (original french version) (Result from the copy of the whole french version that we will use to copy and paste the english content in the already created pages to avoid rebuilding everything from scratch ).

    I must say that with the WordPress forum, I found all kind of complicated reply but only one person out of many thought to point me the Tools Export from WordPress (such a simple tool that I did not even think about it at first).

    Thanks again for all your support.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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