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    Hello, I created a page in Word and copied that into WordPress. This straight copying did not work well 🙁 Does anyone know how I can move a page from Word to WordPress keeping the same layout, like highlighted text, tables, etc? Thanks!

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  • While there is more than one way of doing something, I have friends that have used the free on-line open source word processor “writely” and they find it useful. It’s for collaborating and distributing documents. You can upload word documents to writely and you can also use it to post to your blog. Right now unfortunately it’s not taking new registrations as google has just acquired it, but the documentation is up if you want to have a peek.

    has anyone here tried using this word processor?

    I would also like to know any other way that one can use a word document to compose and then put into the blog. I find that I want to compose/edit and work on an article for a while before I actually post it. Not too keen on using the draft feature.


    I’ve used Writely and it’s freaking awesome. As for posting to WP through Word, I have no idea. Isn’t there a HTML feature in there? That might work. I know Blogger has a plugin for Word that can do this, it might work for WP, too (doesn’t WP use the Blogger API?).

    Tom Lany


    There is an HTML feature in the Mac version of Word. I don’t know about the PC version.

    There is always that “feature” (I’d call more a ‘trouble’) – but you wouldn’t want to put that code into your blog 🙂

    Run it through this first –>
    That’ll “un-Word” it like nothing on Earth 🙂

    Will that “un-FP” it too?? If so, I’m going to force every single one of my clients to do that. LOL

    Yep, completely un-crufts it and sorts it out cleanly. Superb tool. Tidy is open source software, so you can download it and run it locally. The W3C has it there if you want ot grab it.

    FrontPage makes me laugh. You know you’re in trouble when Microsoft don’t use it themselves to build pages, not even the pages on FrontPage itself. Speaks volumes 🙂

    Volumes… Speaks a whole library on tape if you ask me! 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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