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  • Hello a666,

    I will try to incorporate an importer in the next version. I had originally not included one as most podcasts tend to only keep about 15 episodes in their feed, enough to go back and manually convert. But I do agree, an importer would certainly make the process easier.

    Just note, I’m moving into the last month of my semester. My work load increases greatly right now, so I probably will not get around to creating an importer until early May.

    Now I think that we need at least Importer, so it will be possible for other users to export podcast from their system to text file (documented format wich will be used by importer). Or may be you can describe/document database format wich use your plugin, so we can export data to sql and then use it.

    So… how about that importer? I don’t see anything about it still, and this was 6 months ago. An importer and the ability to have multiple podcasts are essential for me to make the switchover. Now that Podpress is all but dead, it would be nice to see.

    I have 6 podcasts at my site. Hundreds of episodes. Even if the feeds only hold a limited few, the rest need to be converted on my site…

    PodPress isn’t dead. It works in WP 2.6 if you disable Post Revisions, which is easy.

    That said, I’d test the plugin called Podcasting more myself if it adds a Podpress Importer. I have 75+ episodes and growing so I wouldn’t really want to manually re-post each episode.

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    PodPress works fine in 2.6 with a simple 2 line fix, and you can leave post revisions on as well.

    I know this to be true, as I’m using it on several sites. Seriously, I never will understand why people won’t just search Google a little bit to solve their problems, as I posted the answer for PodPress 8.8 back in July:

    First result on Google too:

    Everyone did search Google, as well as this forum, looking for the answer. It’s been discussed on this forum for months, in dozens of threads.

    That is nice someone posted an alternative solution, for those who would rather not disable Post Revisions. But I wouldn’t assume that WP users are unfamiliar with Google just because some opted to fix this with a different hack.

    In this thread we still wish to solve how to migrate from PodPress to “Podcasting” plugin, for those who want to try that!

    First, I want to apologize for the extreme delay in getting a podPress importer together. I have some code already done, but it needs some more work for it to function.

    I have a few hours this afternoon, I’m going to see if I can finally get the importer working. I’ll reply back a little later, and if I get something working, I’ll release it for some help on testing.

    Give this test version a try:

    There is now an importer in the Manage > Import page. I would recommend creating a database backup before running.

    Let me know how the importer worked.

    When I activate the plugin now, I get:

    Warning: include_once(podpress_importer.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/geeksho1/public_html/dev/wp/wp-content/plugins/podcasting/podcasting.php on line 53

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘podpress_importer.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/geeksho1/public_html/dev/wp/wp-content/plugins/podcasting/podcasting.php on line 53

    Sorry about that. I forgot to include that file in the archive. I’m correcting the issue now and within the next 15-30 minutes redownload and everything should be fine.

    Looks like the importer works great. Ran it on a dev copy of the site. Within a short period of time it had imported 148 episodes just fine.

    Glad to hear it worked great. I intend to improve it slightly before 2.0 goes final, but if everything worked well for you, you should be alright.

    When I tried to use the importer, I clicked on “start importing” and then it comes up with :

    “Successfully imported 0 podcasts”

    We have quite a number to import, and I am hoping that I am just missing something obvious. 🙂

    The site is

    mistyliu, would you mind emailing me (ron at cavemonkey50 dot com) your WordPress database. Here are directions and either method for backup of the database will work:

    I did want to say that while the import seems to have worked well with converting the podpress files to Podcasting attachments, it doesn’t actually place the player link in the episodes that had them before. Perhaps because I used podpress’ automatic placement, rather than manually placing it. Anyway that the importer could go ahead and place it at the end of a post if it hasn’t placed it somewhere else?

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