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  • well I’ve played around in the polls-css.css file and polls-css-rtl.css files, and adjusted alignement and margins. i even went into the control panel options for wp-polls template and i changed the

  • from id=”%some_varialbe%” to class=”wp-polls” so it should have styled directly from the .css (as far as i would think)
  • but obviously im missing something.

    all i want to do is:

    the poll answers dont wrap right. each answer is way too far to the right of the page (so i want to make it align left or do a negative margin) and then when they wrap the second line of text for an answer is way out to the left of the first line (looking utterly ridiculous)

    any help appreciated

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  • still no luck

    yes, this should be the question on everyone who uses this plugins lips, i should think. seems kind of ridiculous the way it defaults, if you ask me. the default style looks completely ghetto. the padding and margin between the radio buttons and the text and left margin are so wide, its like the grand canyon.

    anyone help please?

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