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  • Is it possible (and if so, how) to configure WordPress blog to support these feature for user comments? I want to use built-in comments, not 3rd party services like Disqus. If something cannot be achieved by configuring WordPress itself please suggest plugins that can achieve the following:

    1. Every user that would like to leave a comment must be authenticated
    2. Supported authentication methods must be Google, Twitter and Facebook auth, no other (e.g., it must be impossible to log in using generic OpenID provider etc.)
    3. If a visitor provides an email address, they can check a checkbox to be notified of new comments
    4. Comments should be flat (not visually nested) but should allow references to other comments.
    5. If there are too many comments, they should be loaded dynamically as user scrolls down (i.e., similarly how Twitter or Facebook work).

    Can this be achieved using WordPress built-in comments plus some plugins?

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  • I am not guru, but I will answer those questions I have some experience with:

    1) this could be set in standard WordPress settings for commentaries
    2) don´t know any plugin, but I haven´t looked up for any
    3) JetPack ( supports this, but you will have to localize messages into Czech if you need to present it for Czech people
    3) for translations I use very good plugin … you can even translate your template if it hasn´t Czech localization
    4) you would need to allow replies in WordPress comment settings, but use an template where comments and replies are not visually distinguished
    5) there might be some plugins – or you can write one of your own – I can only suggest using my JS plugin, that would help you with it: (or may be you could achieve it with Javascript only)

    This plugin will achieve your social login criteria. I found setup a bit difficult for google but it is the best plugin I know of to be so customisable as to which providers. Also bypasses third party services like loginradius and oneall.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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