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  • I am interested in this too. Specifically how you organize the links in the menu, ie. which order they are shown in?

    Also I would really like to know how I can change the size of the sub-menus and possibly have them expand to the left instead of right.

    Thanks in advance

    You just make set the link under a parent link.

    1. Make a page to be the Main Parent Link: Community

    2. Then make a new page, lets call it “Games”, and on the right (under “Page Attributes”) their will be a drop down menu and pick Community (or whatever you called the link). Now “Games” will be under Community.

    3. Make another page “Wii” and do the same, but on the drop down menu pick Games. Now Wii will be under Games and so on.


    Hi there

    I have an interesting question and hope I am not at the wrong forum to ask it. Could someone please help me sort this out as I am becoming quite frustrated 🙂

    I have set up my Site via WordPress with a Static Front page. I am not using it as a blog as such. It is working perfectly after many weeks of trial and error as this is all totally new to me. At the moment I have a “HOME” tab and a “Welcome” tab on my menu. They both point to my front page which is static. Therefore one of them must go. If I unpublish the “Welcome” page it dissapears from my menu and everything works fine. However this is in Firefox. When I look at my site in IE it tells me there is nothing to display. (Firefox is probably reading from the cache). If I go to my Pages admin area there is no Page for “Home” so am not sure at all what to do to fix this. I want to get rid of “Welcome” on the menu but still see the page when “HOME” is pressed. I am using the Mono Lab Piano Black Template for this site. Any help will be appreciated.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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