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  • I read somewhere that the theme is not available for re-use. Fair enough, but that site — less of a blog, and more of a community information site — is what I want to achieve.

    As a WordPress newbie, can anyone tell me what is involved in, and how to go about, configuring WordPress along the lines of E.g. with multiple site sections, a section navigation menu at the top and a sidebar navigation menu for within each section, and with bloggish features like blog rolls removed?

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  • is powered by bbPress. There is a link to bbPress at the bottom of the page. Powered by bbPress. This software is in development and is available for download at that site. If you are not at all comfortable with PHP and databases, then my suggestion would be to wait for a while until bbPress matures.
    Also, I am not aware of any place that says you can’t use the “theme”. It’s simply a fact that this site is not powered by WordPress.

    Thanks, Nuclear Moose, I will check it out

    alanc – I know exactly what you are trying to acheive. I’m trying to achieve the same effect with my own site. The reason i would like to make a site with WordPress is because of it’s simplicity, yet vast range of features.

    However I’m trying to keep make use of the content management system but don’t look like blogs. At the moment I havent had chance to do this, however, i keep updates at my site as to what I’m doing, feel free to follow the posts I make if you like.

    My appologies, i forgot to provide a link to my site. Sorry for the double post.

    I’d phrase NuclearMoose’s comment above as “the support forums are powered by bbPress.” The Dev blog is powered by WordPress. The site as a whole is powered by many things.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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