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  • I have a network of blogs. Google Analytics currently is set only for the main blog, the portal. Because many of my blog posts on the portal link to children sites, those clicks aren’t counted — I don’t think. How do I have an ‘umbrella’ analytics so that no matter what blog is clicked, the traffic is registered for the main site?

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  • Install GA on the subsites. That should be all you have to do, but you may need to tell GA that, yes, these other sites are you too.

    I found the GA MultiSite Async plugin which collects all analytics sitewide. While not applicable to our editorial network, the plugin also provides a way for individual blog owners to use their personal GA code.

    I’m now searching for a similar way to place all Adsense earnings under one account, rather than listening a half-dozen subsites.

    I’m sure google has some docs on that. For a while, I had multiple domains under one account via Adsense, before I left them all together.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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