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    How can I add more information in the User Registration area? For example, I also want to collect the user’s gender, city of residence, telephone number, and alternative email address when they initially register.

    Then, I want the user to be able to edit their info, if necessary, later after they login. And I want the admin to also have the ability to make changes to this info.

    Is there a plugin for this? I searched 3 plugin sites but can’t find one, but I am sure other WP users have a need for this as well.


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  • I am not so sure about that need. Plus, I’d never give you (or anybody else) my phone number on a blog… But this is just an example. I’d also feel very uncomfortable giving out personal data on a private person’s blog.
    [as a matter of fact I don’t even comment on a blog if I have to register]
    Just my two cents.



    Yes, I understand what you mean.

    However we are using WordPress to power a very popular news website that for the last 8 years has had this type of registering details and we want to keep it the same as before. We have users send us their mobile numbers if they want us to send them SMS news via telcos in Hong kong, China, Taiwan, etc. Over the life of this website we first used a CMS that cost us much money to implement (that was 8 years ago when there wasn’t much choice), then moved to a custom CMS, and then to Moveabletype. I would like to now move to WP and keep some of these features so that we can charge users for upgraded articles/reports and also other things. Lots of websites like ours–espcially ones with paid areas–need to have this type of user data.

    I am crossing my fingers for something simple so we need not go in and hack code. Hacking code is fine, but just makes future upgrades more problematic. Or we can look into making a plugin, if one already does not exist. 🙂

    I don’t remember any plugin that would do what you’ve described. (Which doesn’t mean it couldn’t exist 😉

    The lack of it I guess reflects more the usage by and the needs of the average bloggers: it is still more of a personal blogging tool than a CMS. This is not to deny its flexibility to be used in many other ways than blogging!

    Perhaps, you could subscribe to the wp-pro list and post your request there:

    I sure would also be interested if somehting of that sort is available , because, I might be launcing some sort of publication website soon, and rigth now I m considering wordpress, but I might need to use the MU version, but lets see, I hope there is a plugin and someone can refer us to it…
    thank and regards

    can no one even refer stuff liek that, i hopoe someone’s making somehitng like that 🙂

    I know you can modify all the admin pages, and wp-register and wp-login… but you’d probably end up also having to modify the database (to hold the info) and the profile pages (so users can modify the data)

    I posted a question about this, too, asking for someone to contact me as I would pay them to guide me through what I *think* I need to do.

    No takers so far…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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