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  • Hi all im tying to make my first blog and it will be a video tutorial blog so i am thinking it should be minimalistic no sidebars. From this point is ok but i wanted to make it 2 columns only and in some areas with some fields to post google ads and some product im selling. I did a basic drawing layout to you guys understand in the picture below:

    the main question is how to code this?

    ty in advance

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  • It won’t be easy due to the ad locks you want there. But I’d start creating some floated boxes within a container. If you want to mess with CSS3 you can experiment with multi columns:

    Good luck with it. Oh, and check out the Imbalance and Parag(r)ams themes at WPShower. Those might provide the backbone you need:



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    what theme are you going to base this on?

    i would create a loop with a counter variable, and insert the fixed blocks using conditional statements depending on the variable value (or are these ads and selling blocks to be positioned random?)
    a two column layout is easy to achieve with floated divs.

    as “alchymyth” said in index.php use div with 2 column and run loop with counter to place ads where you want.

    Your design mock up looks like gallery theme type, if you could do a massive search there is theme to do exactly that. I remember seen stuffs like this.

    tnks for all replys

    jonimueller – i have checked these layouts and they are very good but what i want is to mix some google ads on it and some selling products so that layout will not work tnks for the reply

    alchymyth and Asif2BD – i was thinking to code by myself the entire blog but i need to learn more about coding i think worpress should be more easy to do 2 or 3 column layout i saw some codes but they look like too complicated and extensive do you have any good reference to me so that i can study and do this? the idea of the loop with counter can be exactly what i am looking for any good tutorials on how to easily do it? answering another question the layout would be fixed no need to be random

    ty for all replys guys and waiting for more backup =)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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