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  • erusch


    Does anybody know what the html is to get an enlarged version of the thumbnail image you are clicking on to pop up?



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  • Ryan Fitzer


    Looks like the Lightbox plugin is what you need. Do google search for wp lightbox and you’ll find it.

    Is the only way to make a jpeg larger than a thumbnail via a plugin?


    As you examine your options after uploading an image, you’ll see that you can have the thumbnail link to a fullsize version.





    The “web standard” way is just to do this:

    <a href="">
    <img src="" /></a>

    That makes your thumbnail a link to the larger image.

    Moderator kmessinger


    <a href="large image path"><img src="small image path" alt="small image description" width="" height="" border="" /></a>

    You can put in the small image description “Click for larger image.” if you want to. Also the width and height are for the small image size.

    This is what I need also. But I don’t know the correct way to put all that in a Page that I created using WordPress Write Page. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    p.s. I have just begun to read the WP doc…

    Thanks for the feedback on linking, but what if I want a bigger image to show up in the blog–not just a link?

    Do you want it as a pop-up on your blog or do you just want to go from the thumbnail to a larger image without leaving your blog?

    If you want to do the latter you can create a “page” with the larger image on it. This will preserve your sidebars and other stuff. Then just link to this page from the thumbnail.

    well i guess that answers it…that must go from thumbnail to a larger image. i was hoping i could embed a large image in the blog…not just the thumbnail. so assuming this is the case, a larger image without leaving the blog is most desirable.

    also, i was just in the “write” area and after i upload the image, i do not have the option to “link to a larger image”? when i click the pic i have these options: not linked, linked to page, linked to image. honestly, i am not sure what to do at this point…to get it to link to anything.


    you can edit the thumbnail post, and link it to the larger image in your upload folder.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Photo Caption Zoom works in WordPress? I will even take it without the caption.

    I have just tried it and it doesn’t work for me.

    Does anyone care to try this beautiful and efficient feature?

    FYI, we have finally determined that it is because of Internet Explorer that we have the pic problem. NO problem with MAC or Firefox etc. It is an IE problem. Our tech guy is flummoxed.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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