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How to clear cache ?

  • Hello,

    Our web hosting staff told me the WordPress has many cache, almost not enough space to save files, where to delete those cache files ?

    Thanks !

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  • Not sure we understand your problem. Out of disk space? or something else? Do you have a cache plugin enabled? And if so which one?
    We need more and cleared info. Plus version of WP.

    Almost out of disk space, I have to ask my friend is it enabled cache plugin.

    Thanks !

    It sounds like you have the wrong host for your website. Unless you have an extremely large volume of content (video/images) you should not be even close to being out of space. You need to check your type of hosting account or find another host (listed on the front of this website) for one that offers sufficient disk space.

    My friend told me all is default settings, he don’t know what is cache enable. The wordpress did not have video and posted around 1k posts.

    Is WordPress has draft function to save one article several times ?

    Thanks !

    Read my previous post.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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