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  • I reached the point where I only had one more login attempt allowed as admin. I want to reset admin back to normal login attempt allowance. It’s annoying only having 1 attempt allowed. I updated wp_options ‘UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ” WHERE option_name = ‘limit_login_lockouts’ LIMIT 1;’ as advised on some help pages. However, this makes no difference to admin’s allowance. I just need to know what other fields to change and to what? Incidentally I cleared the lock log, so it says ‘no lockouts yet’. This hasn’t made any difference to admin. I stil only have 1 attempt left. I also did a delete plug-in and re-install via dashboard. No change. I havem’t yet tried deleting the login attempts directory. But this doesn’t seem a very satisfactory way to get back to normal.

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  • I’ve now also tried deleting the limit attempts directory by ftp, then re-installing via dashboard.

    This also makes no difference.

    Incidentally, when I did the delete plug-in from dashboard, and then re-installed, it remembered the settings I’d changed, which also seems odd.

    Actually I keep saying admin, but in fact it says only 1 attempt left before I put in username, so I guess I should be saying my IP adress. I also tried clearing cookies.

    A slight password mistype and I’ll lock myself out of my own wp site. Also, I’ve noticed that if by mistake I press the return key without having filled in any login username/password, it thinks it is a failed login so I only need to do this by mistake to lose my current 1 login allowed. It’s quite easy to do. I’ve done it more than once.

    So, I’ve tried everything suggested by other users and nothing has made any difference.

    I can’t continue with admin only having 1 more login attempt.


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