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  • Resolved cellobella


    Recently my blog spat itself because as my host said

    “The Reason you are receiving this error is due to the ‘max_questions’ setting which is set to 50,000 per user per hour. This setting is there to ensure that the MySQL database cannot be overloaded with to many query requests.

    “The queries will reset every hour and is kept by user however every time the pages on your site are accessed you are still attempting to make queries to the database server. Because of this even though you are getting errors your script are still accumulating the queries. As a temporary fix for this issue you can delete and recreate your user however this error will still come back if you do not condense the amount of queries your script uses by optimizing your SQL usage.”

    They suggest that I contact a programmer and make changes in your script so that you will not face the same problem again.

    I’m not a programmer’s big toe and have no idea what they mean. Does anyone know of a good tutorial or wiki that can lead me through the maze?


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  • Start here

    Follow it around – I’m no programmer, but what I got from a cursory read of it all was it could be several causes:
    1) Dodgy plug in – disable them all, see if better, if so restart plugins one at a time to see which one causes problmes

    2) Too many posts on the page? Yeah, sounds weird to me too, I might have misread that, but I suppose in theory if you had a hugely busy site and 100 posts on a page you might be overloading the MYSQL database

    3) Rubbish host. Since they’ve taken the trouble to reply to you that seems unlikely

    4) Messed up MYSQL database – hence their suggestion to get in a programmer, though I’m sure there are easier options (reinstall and reload WP? I don’t know.)

    Look forward to seeing if anyone comes up with a genius solution.

    Meantime one of those links led to this download which is a diagnostic programme apparetnly

    Thanks Richarduk,

    I followed your instructions and eventually found this tutorial on managing Databases:

    Which was really easy to follow and showed me how “messy” my database had become.


    He’s got some great tutorials

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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