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    Can’t find the option to clean the logs. is it stored as a file somewhere on my website or it’s reading directly from your server ?

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  • yorman


    The logs are stored in this file [1].

    However, the plugin syncs these logs with a remote web API service. If the logs are not in this file, you will not be able to delete them because they are already stored in our servers. You can opt to delete your API key and generate a new one to start from scratch in case that you don’t want to see the old logs anymore.

    [1] /wp-content/uploads/sucuri/sucuri-auditlogs.php



    Thanks for the quick response.

    Now I know how it works. the data is stored in your server that cannot be deleted and a copy of the logs is created in sucuri-auditlogs.php file. when I delete the file either from :

    or :

    it’ll regenerate once I refresh the dashboard page. in order to delete the old logs from your server I need to create a new API key. but it would be way better to delete them without asking for another API key !!

    I was gonna mark it as solved but didn’t know that Admins can change the status too 🙂

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    I deleted the API key once but it didn’t remove old logs. I disabled and enabled the plugin and it removed all of them !

    Hope this helps someone

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