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  • Ryan Cowles


    I have recently noticed that my wp_options table seems to be a bit large. It contains 1161 rows, and is about 2.1mb in size.

    I have installed Clean Options. It looks like development stopped on the plugin back in 2010, but it still did the job.

    I now have a long list of potentially orphaned entries. Is there an easy way to go about sorting these, and figuring out which to remove and which to keep? Also, could this be responsible for causing performance issues with the website?

    Thank you for reading, any ideas are welcomed!

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  • Ryan Cowles


    Update: The Clean Options plugin returned some transients in the list, which lead me to find out that there are several hundred transient files in the wp_options table. There are a whole bunch that look like:


    and so on. Like I said, there are several hundred rows that take look like this. Is it safe to just dump them?


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