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  • can anyone recommend a measured approach for a total fool like me in deciding what the best plug ins/widgets/tools for media, maximizing traffic, learning the essentials, etc.

    there is way too much out there and whether it’s selcting a plug in for posting photos, setting up a podcast, posting interviews and audio, or setting up original video, i just end up dizzy

    I keep ‘starting at the beginning’ but no matter what, i always find myself 5 hours later more confused than I should be. I never had the advantage of computers in school, so it’s getting to the point where I am considering *shudder* adult ed/evening class web design courses…

    most of this language is new to me – and there are euphemisms for euphemisms!lol…

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  • Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    It really depends on what you want to do with your blog.

    I always recommend Akismet for blocking spam comments, but it’s already packaged with WordPress. You just have to activate it.

    Maximizing traffic isn’t something that can be done with plugins. That’s all about your content.

    I use a total of 9 plugins, 4 of which I’ve written to do specific things on my blog.

    So, what type of things are you looking for?

    thanks or your response. i’m working on a news emag esentially
    (i know – how original…lol) – BUT,
    i’m a working reporter/journo and for example i’ll be at the DNC and RNC this summer.

    from exp in covering the con’s in 2000 and 2004, i set up brief blogs but this year i want to utilize all the access i have – photos/interviews/reports etc. and want to be able to maximize what I can offer.

    the site is kind of sparse now as i am soliciting contributions – but of course once the conventions happen (from experience) the site traffic will rocket – and it will be a shame, as i said, not to take advanatge of all the access to fascinating people as well as the various side conventions.

    i am running Adobe Audition and Photoshop of course (for my digital SLR) as well as a basic webcam using (sadly) windows movie maker

    listing all this stuff might make it *appear* I know what I am doing, but again, getting use to WP and trying to make the nerface interesting (without having it be cluttered) and trying to select the right plug ins/platforms to share thse things makes me dizzy as I mentioned…

    hope that narrows it down a bit!…

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    No, it really doesn’t narrow it down at all. You didn’t mention any specific things you want done.

    If you have very specific ideas about what you need, then maybe someone can point you to a plugin.

    The best thing to do is search the plugins database and Google for different plugins.

    sorrymy fault – i was mired in trying to read about 5 things at once.

    your question deserved a perfectly simple answer (and I appreciate your trying to help)…SO!…as you asked:

    “It really depends on what you want to do with your blog.”

    Aside from posting original news/opinion contributions

    I want to post original audio interviews, run a podcast (which I will be merging w/ my FM talk show), share original photographs, and original video.

    I realize i can just use youtube for posting video:

    – it’s the running Podcasts, AND original photos that is a nightmare.

    I keep hearing of MANY hassles with Flickr (+ it’s bee recommended that I watermark original news shots).

    I have heard about 10 different alternatives to Flickr

    I have searched the plugins in the database, but wondered what WP users recommend since there are so many to choose from@

    maybe i just need to s l o w down and start at the beginning again. thi is allnew to me.

    thanks for trying though, sorry for being a bonehead.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    You don’t need any plugins for images. The things built into WordPress from the start give you plenty of options.

    For video, I recommend this flash video player:

    If you’re just posting videos from other services, you don’t need any plugins. Just input code right into your page (I do recommend learning how to write valid XHTML as most video services give you invalid XHTML embed codes to work with).

    I wouldn’t go as far as offering an opinion on audio, since it’s something I never use.

    As a sidenote about watermarks on images: They just look unprofessional, and anybody with enough basic PhotoShop experience can remove it.

    thanks mang! much appreciated.

    re: watermarks – i realize they look sketchy, sadly i’ve had a few major mags (and political parties) avail themselves of my original images.

    with the wild west nature of the web, a polite request usually doesn’t get honoured.

    thanks again for your help re: video!

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