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    I’m just starting to construct a first WP site with my daughter for her several purposes.
    We’re aiming to produce a multi-purpose result combining 3 distinct areas of activity:
    CV | Portfolio of work | Sequential log of her travels with photos and text.
    Each section is currently envisaged to require a different structure and possibly a different theme.

    We’re at such an early stage of development that we hope to still be able to choose between a MultiSite option with either sub-domains or sub-folders, OR with all the variations in structure and presentation contained within a single site.
    Without a doubt we’d prefer to go for the simplest way possible of achieving this.
    Please can anyone offer advice on what the viable choices are for such a compartmentalized project?

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  • In my opinion, a single site with CV | Portfolio of work | Sequential log
    as links with customized theme for respective links would suffice.
    It all depends on the content size. If the size is huge then multisite is a better option as former option will be bit confusing with all posts, pages and images assignment.

    Hello WPyogi, I have read the “Create_A_Network” information a couple of times. Maybe a couple more times and I’ll be close to having a reasonable understanding of how to set-up a network. I’m not totally sure though whether the info there indicates if and how those network options might be appropriate for my particular project needs.

    Thanks praveen68. I like the option you suggest. I’ll set about trying to get a better understanding of how to do things just that way.

    Hi again, based on what praveen68 suggested, would it be best to have a static front (home?) page with links to the 3 different sections of the site?

    Then, would those different sections of the site be best structured as individual pages with the content arranged as sub-pages of each section’s parent page?

    With the single site method would I be restricted to customizing just one theme to produce 3 or more variations to suite the needs of each section?

    IMHO static page for home page is a good option to proceed, with links to each section there.
    Wordpress has options to make custom page theme templates for each page or section. You can design custom css for those pages and link to it. Just make header2.php siderbar2.php and footer2.php nav2.php whichever you want customized and <?php get_ them; ?> in page2.php.

    I am looking forward to more opinion.

    Thanks for the encouraging advice praveen68. I feel a lot more confident in going ahead with the methods you describe. If I now study up on custom templates for pages using a single theme, I do believe I’ll be well on my way to producing the site I want. 🙂

    I guess the “header2.php siderbar2.php and footer2.php nav2.php” is necessary because being a single site, all the standard file iterations will be sharing one folder. Is that right?

    Header2.php siderbar2.php footer2.php and nav2.php are second set of files required to make custom templates (since you want your link pages to look different from each other).
    Those are files other than header.php siderbar.php, footer.php and nav.php that you have already made for say home page or index page.
    Continue your study on custom templates. I believe, you are on the right track 🙂

    “Continue your study on custom templates. I believe, you are on the right track :-)”

    Yes, thanks for your help. I’m off to work on just that now. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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