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  • As I (maybe incorrectly) understand it, Free Plan has 10,000 page views per month limit.

    I have no idea if I’m currently running at 9,999 page views per month (so need to resolve quickly to avoid issues) or if I’m way below the limit. Not all my web site pages use Fontawesome and my server logs don’t distinguish.

    I’ve just installed the plug-in and not set-up any Fontawesome account, not using kits, just plug-in.

    Qu 1. Any way to find out how close I am to the Free plan limit?

    Qu 2. What happens if I exceed the free plan limit e.g. does browser just stop showing the icons – which would be a “nasty” as I would not see it, just people browsing what would appear a “broken” site? Does the status change and what to and what to site visitors see? Does the plug-in e-mail site admin? etc.

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  • Plugin Author mlwilkerson


    Hello, the best way to get answers to questions about Font Awesome plans is to have a look at the Plans page on, and if that doesn’t answer the question, hit that link to Email the Font Awesome team with other questions.

    This WordPress plugin only connects to your Font Awesome account to help you setup your WordPress site to use one of your kits, but it doesn’t provide any other functionality for managing or monitoring your Font Awesome account.

    Thanks, but I don’t have a Fontawesome account (using the free account and CDN?). Just installed the plug-in but I’ve no idea how close to the free plan limits my site is running.

    So no account to log-into to check use (or to ask Fontawesome about). The generated html does include an “integrity key” but I’ve no idea where that was generated from and assume it is some type of UID.

    Or maybe I’m confused – I just installed plug-in and used it (and plug-in correctly removed use by other plug-ins). But I’ve no idea if users might be getting “limit reached” errors from the Free Plan limit or if all is working fine

    Plugin Author mlwilkerson


    Oh, I see.

    In the plugin, there’s the Free CDN setup option, which doesn’t require that you have a account. So pageview limits don’t apply there at all. That Free CDN is just wide open (

    If you were to create a Free account, then you could create a Free kit. And you could configure this plugin to use that kit. Pageview limits would apply to that.

    You also wouldn’t need to have an account in order to ask additional questions about plans and pageviews to Font Awesome’s support email shown on that Plans page.

    Sorry, I realize better now how that may be confusing to have more than one kind of Free option 🙂 Hopefully that makes it a little more clear.

    Many thanks for clarifying (I’m not familiar with all these aspects).

    On my plug-in (a few versions behind as I’ve still got to backup, do some upgrades, etc). I’m on 4.0.0-rc13 (so not too far behind).

    Just to fully clarify, only option I can find re-kits and accounts is “Use PRO checkbox” (requires a subscription). But my site html includes:

    <link rel='stylesheet' id='font-awesome-official-css' href='' type='text/css' media='all' integrity="sha384-xxxxxxx" crossorigin="anonymous"/>

    I’ve changed the “integrity=” in this post as I’m unsure about its meaning (or if publishing on open forum is “unwise”

    Plugin Author mlwilkerson


    Actually, rc13 is ancient 🙂 There have been major, major updates since then, including adding support for kits. So that’s maybe another reason we missed one another’s meanings initially.

    That <link> is just what the plugin adds to your pages to load from the Font Awesome Free CDN (the indicates that is the Free CDN you’re loading from there).

    The integrity attribute is unrelated. It’s for Subresource Integrity, a security feature where the browser computes the hash of the contents of the stuff it downloads (the all.css) and compares it to that integrity key to make sure it’s the same thing as expected–that the file hasn’t been tampered with. That integrity is like a fingerprint that represents the contents of the whole file. So it’s not a secret. It’s public information that is published so anyone could verify that the file that’s being download is exactly the intended one.

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