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    I have a quick question.

    these lines:

    $my_mail = "";
    echo "<p>" . encode_email($my_mail) . "</p>";

    outputs this in the browser:

    <script type="text/javascript">/*<![CDATA[*/(function(){var ML="=<fa c:>t@o-\"e/s.kmnilhr", MI="1345E3??0<B3DE8:;EDCA<4FG=20<B3DE8:6B3DE9B3DE@5:B<448D8E=0<B3DE9B3DE@5:B<7B3DE9B3DE@5:B1>37",  OT="";for(var j=0;j<MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}document.write(OT);}());/*]]>*/</script>
    <a class="mailto-link" href="" title=""></a>
    <noscript>*protected email*</noscript>

    how can I know that the bots can’t read

    <a class="mailto-link" href="" title=""></a>

    or is something wrong here?

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  • I’ve had good results by scanning my website with ‘uberharvest’. Normally, with email encoder enabled, the generated page html will simply show an email address. But when scanned with uberharvest, the email address will be hidden/obfuscated. With the plugin disabled, uberharvest will find all email addresses on your site.

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