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    I’d like to change the /wp-admin/ folder name for a security reason. Is there any simple way to do that. Even better, whitout having to hack the core files?

    Any help/ticks is more than welcome.



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  • I’m also interested in this. Any ideas?

    What is I replace wp-admin with something else in every wordpress file? I have already done this and testing now. Everything works fine so far…

    Here is the solution of your problem:

    This has been debated many times. While I belong to the camp that believes security through obscurity is a good thing and I realize the majority of hacks are automated scripts you’re probably better off simply applying .htpasswd and .htaccess protection to the wp-admin directory.

    I could guess the new name of your wp-admin directory in seconds.

    Hi Levani01 – I don’t think that’s a wise approach because you’re modifying core WP files, so the next time there’s an update… you have a whole new problem on your hands. Something like what LenK is suggesting makes better sense. I’m searching for a simpler solution though and I will post it here (and it others) if I can find one.

    You can install this plugin which allows you to create a blank page, and then when the user clicks on that link have it redirect them to whatever URL you specify. It’s not as proper as I’d like, but a clean, relatively simple solution if you’re not a programmer.



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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