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  • Open /wp-includes/pluggable-functions.php and go line 160 or find “function wp_mail” and change wordpress@ to what you want. In fact, change all “wordpress@” in this file.
    (sorry, for my poor English)

    Yakuphan’s solution is right, but after it the message “Lost password” still comes from wordpress.

    If anyone has a solution about this, too, I would be very glad.

    I have a plugin that can alter the text sent went people register on your blog, as well as the address the email is sent from. It also allows you to include html in the email.
    Check it out!

    @nickrita – If you change every instance of the address in pluggable.php (its new name) then the reset password will be covered to.

    Don’t forget though that editing core files isn’t advisable as on upgrade the data is overwritten, and if you make a mistake in the file you edit, you might mess up your blog!

    There is a nice little plugin which provides the easy way: umail.

    epicalex, thank you, I know the plugin, but this doesn’t solve my problem. And I am careful with editing core files and allways take a copy before I do 😉

    stgoos, thank you, too. I tried the plugin but it doesn’t work properly. Using it there is no mail-Address as sender, so that the mail can’t be answered by users. But I would like to give them the possibility to answer, in case they have a question.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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