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  • By default, it looks like the “read more” text in entries displays only on single post / permalink pages.

    I’d like to display the “more” text on the index page. (Why? So that I can hide it via javascript and have a link which then shows it.) Does anyone know how to make a specific page display the “more” text?

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  • Actually, out of the box WP does not display the “read more” link on single post view, only on the multipost view pages like index, archives, search results.

    Sorry, I’ll try to clarify; I apologize for saying the wrong thing.

    I’d like to display the actual content that comes after the ‘read more’ link. WP seems fully capable of letting me do anything I want to the actual read more link. What I’d like to find out is how to make any given instance of the_content display all of the text and not just what comes before “read more”.

    Does that make more sense?

    In Movable Type, I would do this by using the <mt:EntryMore /> tag. That doesn’t seem to be possible in WP, and I’m just trying to find a way to get this text on my index page.

    I have never used MT, so I have no idea how that works. Maybe WP doesn’t work in the way you expect it. It happens quite often when we switch from a script to another.

    In WP if you insert the “more” link while writing the post – it will cut the text on any multipost view.

    Right. I’m attempting to modify that behavior.

    For the record, I made some headway, but it’s editing post-template.php. I should probably figure out how to do this via a plugin.

    I modified lines 118-125 as follows:

    if ( count($content) > 1 ) {
    		if ( $more ) {
    			$output .= '<span id="more-'.$id.'"></span>'.$content[1];
    		} else {
    			$output = balanceTags($output);
    			if ( ! empty($more_link_text) )
    				$output .= '<p><a href="#" class="show">Read More &raquo;</a></p><div class="more"><span id="more-'.$id.'"></span>'.$content[1].'</div><!-- end .entrymore -->';

    Basically, the text in the “else” condition on line 121 seems to be what displays on a non-permalink page. I’d love anyone else’s thoughts on more elegant ways to do this.

    To be a bit clearer, the essential thing was adding .$content[1] to line 124. I don’t know #$%@ about PHP, but it looks like the code sets the text before the <!--more--> link as the first item in the array ($content[0]) and the text after the <!--more--> link as the second item ($content[1]).

    I’d love a way to tell WP to append this data only on certain pages.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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