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  • I have searched far and wide.
    How do I change what a user level has permission to do?
    I want to take the ability to change the links for user level 5, or give level 4 the ability to write pages.

    any help would be much appreciated 🙂

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  • Oh, this one had me for a couple of days. If you are the admin, go to the USER panel in the Admin. In little tiny type next to the user level of each user is a – (minus) on one side and a + (plus) on the other. These are hyperlinks.

    Click plus to increase the user’s level and minus to decrease. For specifics on user levels, check out

    thanks lorelle. I have seen that codex page. Im trying to alter the actual permissions.
    I dont want the user level 5 to be able to edit links. But I need the user to create pages, which is something that level 4 doesnt have.

    I did see in the codex you asked the same thing im asking but there havent been any replys.

    There’s no easy way to do it, aside from hopping into the code and modifying the various places where those levels are checked. It’s non-trivial. Not impossible by any stretch, but there are a lot of places that would have to be changed depending on what you want to do.

    So you’re trying to make, say, level 6 user have only some of the level 4 permissions but not all of them? Or something like that?

    Oh, do you mean the instructions I just gave you? I posted the additional instructions not an hour ago on how to change the user levels. Same as I told you.

    Do you mean “create” a PAGE or a post? Level 5 can create Pages and Posts, but Level 4 can only do posts.

    bo46802 means he wants to tweak the code so that a level 4 can create both Posts and Pages.

    ColdForged is right. Currently the only way to do what you want is to tweak the core. There are rumors that a future release of WordPress will have more flexible user rights management, but for now you’re stuck with the 10 levels defined by WordPress.

    Its really only the links that bother me.
    I also started to play around with the post (for the blog) and page posting template to try and take out some of the things that the users shouldnt have. Like taking out the ability to change post templates, and the custom fields.
    Its fine if they are completely deleted, but when I delete them out the posting template will be fine, but the actual blog/site is screwed up and it says their is an error on the page.php file of the theme im working on.
    fun stuff.

    So would files should I look at for modfying the code?

    You can edit wp-admin/menu.php and change what various admin panels specific user levels can access.

    $menu[20] = array(__('Links'), 5, 'link-manager.php');

    you might change to

    $menu[20] = array(__('Links'), 6, 'link-manager.php');

    You’ll also want to change the submenu lines:
    $submenu['link-manager.php'][5] = array(__('Manage Links'), 5, 'link-manager.php');
    $submenu['link-manager.php'][5] = array(__('Manage Links'), 6, 'link-manager.php');

    Then bump your user to a leverl 5. He/she will be able to create Pages but will not be able to see the Link Management stuff.

    awesome! thanks man.

    This metod don’t work in WordPress v2.0
    It only work, if i write user lvl = 0 :((

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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