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  • How to change url slug for post formats?

    I want changed urls: by by by by


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  • Vee



    can you provide more details or an example, what and where you are trying to do.


    Hi Vee,

    I use WordPress in spanish language, and i like to have permalinks in spanish. It’s more semantic for spanish users.

    In settings > permalinks is possible to change “category base” (“category,” by default) and “tag base” (“tage,” by default). With some plugins, also “author base” and “pagination base” (“page”, by default). But, I don’t know how to change “post format base” (“type”) and slug name of post formats (“aside”, “link”, “quotes”, … by default).

    I want to get a permalink like “” instead “” for listing quotes posts.

    Thanks for your interest!.



    Maybe a plugin ? (this one it’s pretty old, but you could try it)

    Hi popper,

    this plugin only translated post slug (permalink). Permalink it’s based in post title, and plugin translate the title for to make permalink.

    Thanks for your interest!.

    Some Other idea?



    Well, my other idea is adding a custom URL rewrite but it seems a bit of an overkill.

    my site is I want to write or create a slug that goes directly to the book reviews I have published on a number of books. In essence I have created a category Book Review but can’t write a slug that gets the reader to that place on the blog.

    rather frustrating because I am not that dumb when it comes to computers.



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    please start your own topic.

    your problem is different from the current topic.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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