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  • I want to change the name of Blogroll to something else. All I see is wp_list_bookmarks(‘title_li=’);


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  • Vaughan



    In the WordPress Admin Panel, access Manage – Link Categories. By default, one category is listed there: Blogroll. Click its name to specify a new name to display for your list of links.

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    I’m not sure that is the answer you were looking for. (?)

    To change the name of “blogroll” as it appears on your page sidebar, you edit the “sidebar.php” file in your theme editor. Just look for the word “Blogroll” and change it to what you want.

    Jenny Beaumont


    wordpressfan : The name of your list of links is actually a category. So you can have several lists. To change the name “Blogroll” to “My Links” for example, you simply go to Mangage > Categories, and find Blogroll. then modify and put what you like. you’ll notice that a category can either contain links or articles. pretty cool, eh?

    onewalrus : would have to disagree – no need to change to code!

    Sorry, jennybeaumont, but I had to do what onewalrus suggested and change the code itself. Your method didn’t work for me either.

    I suspect it has something to do with how each template is programmed. I’m a designer, not a programmer, so even simple CSS is a challenge for me. But changing the Categories within WP’s admin doesn’t work on my template either.

    On a side note, does anyone have any idea how to add a category? That also does NOT work within WP for me, so I need to “hard code” it.

    Maybe I just have a poorly written template? 🙁

    Hi, I’m a newbie so I hope somebody can help me. I set up a blog with the andreas theme at and have “blogroll” in the sidebar. I’d like to change the name, and also the content of this.

    I looked in sidebar.php as suggested but blogroll is not named there at all.

    Also, how do I subscribe to a different feed for it, or add different links to the default ones?

    Thanks in advance

    For the content go to “manage”->”links”, as for the title, “design”->”widgets” and edit the blogroll widget? I’m not sure, I don’t use it myself.

    Hello, I am going to answer my own question LOL. I took a good look around the admin section and found that category links are different to links. It wasn’t easy but I finally discovered a menu that let me change the name of Blogroll. I changed it to My Links, and it did come up on my page.

    I also found a list of links that had been put into the Blogroll category, so I was able to delete those and put my own instead. So, at least for my theme, I could do this via admin. Hope that helps somebody else.

    I agree. This is kinda confusing mainly because of the confusing similar terms “Categories” and “Link Categories”.

    Here’s what I did to change “Blogroll” title to “My Friends”:

    In admin, click on “Links” menu then click on “Link Categories”. Then you will see on the right side of the page the various link categories you have set up. Assuming you are new to WordPress, you should only have the basic “Blogroll” link category at this point. Mouse over the word Blogroll and you will see two options for editing. Click either one of them, then change the name “Blogroll” to whatever you want, e.g. “My Friends”. Then click on “Update Category”, and you are done.

    So, there is no need for any editing of the code pages. Simple. I love WordPress!

    Thank you, thomasw98, it works!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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