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  • rhythim


    I need help finding where/how to make alterations to the font in the main Title and subtitle of my blog; you can see it here:

    The theme is Chris Pearson’s NeoClassical, and his Style.CSS sheet looks very unique, so I’m not finding font & color changes as easily

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  • Clayton James


    The title and tagline are located under /*—:[ #masthead styles ]:—*/ .



    Thanks Clayton, found it. One other question, if you please, perhaps a bit trickier:

    My blog Title at has 2 words in it: Piano Passion
    In the masthead styles I can change font, size, color etc. of both words as a whole title.
    But what if I want a different color for each word, say black for Piano and red for Passion?
    Any way to split the blog title (masthead logo) in two so I can assign I different color to each word?



    Note: I know how to split the title color in HTML with a <span> command, I just don’t know where to find WordPress’ Built-In File Editor, the Codex is way out of date, with references to Manage>Files panels that no longer exist in the Admin. Where do you find this Built In editor now?

    Clayton James




    Sorry to sound stupid, Clayton, but all your last answer told me was how to get into the Appearance>Themes>Editor. I already know how to do that, and how to make changes in the Style.CSS file.

    The change I need to make now must be done in the actual HTML text, which isn’t in the Style file. The Built In Editor I was referring to was a way to edit the actual HTML, not CSS, while still in WordPress, instead of FTP-ing the HTML text file out of my server into a text-editor, making the changes, then FTP-ing it back. I thought there was a place to do that right within WordPress. None of the various php files in the Themes>Editor sidebar show me the actual text, so I can enter a <span> between two words on the same line.

    Is there a place in WordPress to do this or not?

    Clayton James


    I just don’t know where to find WordPress’ Built-In File Editor, the Codex is way out of date, with references to Manage>Files panels that no longer exist in the Admin. Where do you find this Built In editor now?

    My answer directed you to the WordPress built in file editor, as you requested.

    The words “Piano Passion” are being called into your header by this string located in header.php of the neoclassical theme:

    <div id="logo"><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"<?php if (is_home()) echo(' rel="nofollow"'); ?>><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></div>

    Specifically, <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

    You will find header.php of the neoclassical theme available in the WordPress Editor.

    Got it Clayton, thanks.

    One other question: How to increase the number of “Recent Entries” showing in the left sidebar list. You answered this once before for someone else, but the hack was to change the number in the widgets.php. My theme doesn’t seem to have a “widgets.php” only a sidebar.php and left bar.php, neither of which have the number limit on blogroll, which is currently 15. Is there another .php where I wlll find that number…
    …I was thinking I could also add an “Archive” widget below the “Recent Entries” and somehow list the older posts under that?

    How to increase the number of “Recent Entries” showing in the left sidebar list.

    Step 1) If you open up left_bar.php in the neoclassical theme and find this:


    I believe you can change the maximum number of posts that the theme will show using the default left sidebar. For example, if you change it to: query_posts(‘showposts=25’); then you should be able to show 25 posts…

    Step 2) open /wp-includes/default-widgets.php and at line 542 and 543 you will find this:

    else if ( $number > 15 )
    $number = 15;

    Change the “15”s to “25” and save your changes.

    Note: This is a core file. Make a solid backup of your files first, if you should decide to try this.

    If you are using the “Recent Posts” widget to display these, this should now allow you to now increase the maximum value of “15” (inside the widget) to any value up to and including “25”. In fact I think you will have to change it, or you may still be limited to whatever value is set in the widget. I think that should work, but you might want to experiment with it a bit. Back up your files first, just in case.

    I’m hoping that someone will suggest for you an easier method of over-riding the 15 post setting located in default-widgets.php. Perhaps something in the form of a simple filter to add to your theme files. I’m afraid I’m just not sharp enough to construct one that I believe would work properly. Don’t forget, if you decide to edit a wordpress core file, you could loose the changes on the next upgrade, so be prepared for that.

    I was thinking I could also add an “Archive” widget below the “Recent Entries”

    You should be able to add the archives widget right under the recent posts widget in the sidebar. I think the left sidebar is referred to as “sidebar 1” in your dashboard. I don’t think that should give you any trouble. As far as customizing the output, that’s a little out of my depth I’m afraid.

    Good luck to you, and don’t do anything you can’t undo!


    [edit] just an after thought. It might be worth browsing through the plugins. Perhaps someone has already come up with something to make this really easy.

    Clayton, I really appreciate your thorough answers, thanks much!

    I looked in plug-ins and there does seem to be a few plug-ins that allow customization of the number of posts shown and other things, I’m going to try some of these.

    But your wisdom about backing up core files was also key; I haven’t done any backing up yet because it seemed a bit complicated and drawn-out in the codex. At the bottom of the codex doc. there’s a couple plug-ins listed for auto-scheduled-backup, like WD-DB Backup and BackUp WordPress, which I will try. But I will take your advice about not altering any core files without some form of back-up. One thought-perhaps my db and files are already backed up through my host, which is GoDaddy. They installed WP for me, and have all my files in a column on the host manager, so maybe it’s already handled.
    What is your favorite path for file and db backup?

    The things you really need to backup are your actual files, that would be everything that resides in your wordpress installation directory, and your database, which stores your blogs content. I try not to rely on plugins for that too much. An ftp client or file manager and access to your database is all you really need. I’m sure plugin methods are usually fine, but it can be very useful to know how the backups actually happen.

    These might be a slow read, but they contain useful information and links to more instructions. There are some good Q and A’s in there too.

    WordPress Backups

    Backing Up Your Database

    All of that can usually be done using the tools in your hosts control panel, it’s just a matter of learning about the tools they provide for you.

    Best wishes.

    Thanks Clayton.
    I found two great plug-ins for expanding the number of posts displayed in the sidebar, FYI:
    Enhanced Recent Post: Immediately after plugging this in, I was able to display as many posts as I like, there are ovr 40 showing in my left sidebar!
    Vertical Scroll Recent Post: Way cool! Your posts scroll up as a moving list while on any page of the blog.

    As an aside to our above conversation, since you mentioned your own hopes someone would invent this or that plug-in, here’s by two biggest beefs and hopes for a plug-in fix:
    1. A plug in that gives you an extended editor for the Title bar, just like the ones you can get for the content box, so you don’t need to mess with the “logo” or “masthead” in the CSS
    2. A plug-in that allows your view of the CSS editor to snap back to the line you just edited when you return to it. Currently, you alter some value half-way down the CSS scroll, and as soon as you hit Update, it pops back to the top of the CSS window. If you check your site and find that wasn’t quite the right value and you need to edit it more, you have to scroll and refind that exact CSS line you were altering, can be quite tedious. It should open right to that line you just edited, for ease of back-and-forth.

    I don’t write plug-ins, and don’t know where to submit these suggestions, but perhaps you do. Thanks again

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