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  • Plugin Author agentevolution


    Change the slug for the post type on the Listings > Settings page.

    this did not answer my question. The slug is fine.

    I want to change the PAGE TITLE

    Plugin Author agentevolution


    Copy the archive-listing.php into your theme folder and customize the section that outputs the page title:

    if ( !isset($object->label) ) {
    						$title = '<h1 class="archive-title">' . $object->name . '</h1>';
    					} else {
    						$title = '<h1 class="archive-title">' . get_bloginfo('name') . ' Listings</h1>';

    Hint: It’s based on the post type name. So either hard code it or fork the plugin and change the post type name.

    Thank you. I will try this.

    How would I do NOT TO SHOW any title at all?

    I deleted the word ¨listing in spanish before the </h1> and it worked JUST FOR THAT WORD but still showing up “my website title”…. I then delete the WHOLE THING that you wrote above and the website didnt worked anymore

    Just as good I keept all the text before 🙂

    Thanks in advance

    WOW – I just make an update on my theme, DIVI, and differently from what I thought, IT DELETED the several files you told me to move into my theme directory so that I would not loose any work. ALL WORK GONE.

    You told me these files were “archive-listing.php and single listing.php, right?


    This is NOT a complaint in anyway, just asking for help and trying to learn how to avoid this for happening in the future

    I don’t see the archive-listing.php file anywhere. Is there an update to this question at all? I am in the same vote as the original poster. I am trying to remove ‘site title’ from the name that appears on the listing archive. The slug is fine, it’s the site title that’s the issue. Thanks.

    Hi, is quite easy actually when you know how as almost everything 🙂

    Both, your archive-listing.php and single-listing.php in

    public_html – wp content – plugings – wp-listings – views –

    copy them both files and move them to your parent theme or child theme if you have one. You them edit the files in there so that you dont lost any work anytime impress listing makes any updates

    Then open the archive-listing.php, look for the section Agentevolution is giving you and change the word “Listing” for the one of your choise

    Good luck

    Thanks, I missed the ‘views’ folder was the issue so I didn’t see the files. I’ll be good from there. Thanks!

    I’m having trouble with this. My title bar says Archives instead of Listings. I *want* it to say Featured Listings.

    I found the archive-listing.php file, copied it to my child theme, and I can;t figure out where to replace the “Archive” H1 text.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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