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  • Hi!
    I want to have a static upload path, not the monthly one and i want to make that folder downloads not wp-content. Is there a way to do it?


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  • You could, in the Blog’s Control Panel go here:
    Options => Miscellaneous => Miscellaneous Options

    Uncheck the box for: Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders

    In the little URL window thing there, type the path to the folder you want to store your images. Could be anything you want, if I remember right. =)

    Default is wp-content/uploads
    YOU could make it: wp-content/downloads

    Then click the UPDATE OPTIONS button.. Incase you might run into problems by just doing that, you’ll want to CHMOD that wp-content folder and the downloads folder.. 755 I think…some use 777, but I wouldn’t recommend it..

    I hope this helps..and I hope this is what you’re asking for.. =) Just post back if you run into further problems..


    there is no such option as mentioned there.
    the only two options are:

    Track Links’ Update Times

    Use legacy my-hacks.php file support

    It sounds like you’re using version 2.0. You could always just upload the wp-admin/options-misc.php file from like a 2.0.1 download, over the existing one. (That’s if you don’t want to upgrade all of it) Or if you’re not updated to the latest release (2.0.2), you could always just upgrade and it will be there..


    thanks 🙂

    No problem.. =) For all those using 2.0 and need this done..but DON’T want to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress 2.0.2. Here below is what you can do..

    1) Open the wp-admin/options-misc.php file.
    2) Find this line: <form method=”post” action=”options.php”>
    3) Right after it, add the ALL codes from here:
    4) Save it as: options-misc.php
    5) Upload it over the existing one in wp-admin/

    Hope this helps..


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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