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  • if someone buys a product on website then it must show the name of the new owner and the previous owner must be shown above current owner, like transferring products between buyer and seller inside the site once the previous owner approves the change

    Previous Owner: Xyz
    Current Owner: Abc

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello Victorgaur,

    Could you be more specific with your request?

    What is your website about and what products are you selling that are staying on the website but just change ownership?

    Also, what is the outcome of your website, what are the goals and why do you need to achieve the above?

    All the best

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    Hi, Julius

    Thanks for helping

    I want to make a website for artifacts so anyone(subscription based) can come and register their artifact like a product (something like multi vendor), if someone buys that artifact then after delivery of that artifact the previous owner get a request from buyer to get the ownership and after approval of seller customer becomes new owner (but their names must be under the product as previous owner & current owner) and also there must be some limitation for different vendors(limit for product uploads).

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    Hi Dembowski,
    I am new to wordpress and dont know much about it but if you can help ill appreciate & please tell me where to post this topic


    Hi Victorgaur, you are most welcome.

    The concept makes sense however, I don’t think something like that exists in a plugin yet or nothing I have heard about that could do that.

    BUT, that does not mean one can’t make a plan right?

    What if you set your website up as a vendor website and people who register are vendors with their artifacts as products. As soon as a person purchase an artifact they then request from you or the other owner to then remove the product from their “Vendor” and the new owner would then register as a vendor with the artifact under his new vendor profile.

    This does not solve the problem of the previous owner but this could benefit you “website owner” in the long run as well as you would be able to take commission from sales being made through your website.

    I hope what I explained made some sense.

    All the best

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    Hi Julius,

    Thanks for the idea but i already tried that with wc vendors plugin and and i am not using commission i am using subscription based plans if someone have subscription then he can post a fixed no of artifacts in shop according to his subscription.
    I can setup multi vendor store but the main concern is to change the product owner within the wordpress means no manual work and i cant figure this out.

    thank you very much for the helping me on this 🙂

    Hello Victorgaur,

    No worries I like to help people and try and help them solve problems.

    It could probably be something that can be custom developed if you are looking for developers that could maybe help you-you can look at CodeWars:

    It is where reputable people are competing for developer work. But you would be in great hands there.

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