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  • Yea, its simple, but i cant find it… i thought i changed it under the wp-includes, feed-functions.php but it doesnt seem to do anything…

    function the_content_rss($more_link_text='(Continued…)’, $stripteaser=0, $more_file=”, $cut = 0, $encode_html = 0)

    where “Continued…” used to be “more…” and nothing seems to have changed

    is there somewhere else i missed editing?

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  • Try your theme’s index.php and other php files.

    Does this article help? Customizing_the_Read_More

    You really shouldn’t need to be editing “core” WP files to do this (and if you do, you’ll need to redo your changes after every upgrade!).


    I am posting in old thread as i have same question. IN that article i’ve changed Read more but that is only for web pages.

    Is any way to change text in rss feed. Now it shows (more…) and i want to change that text.

    I am using feedburner to process my feeds but i guess that (more…) part is made by wordpress.


    Anyone know if that is even possible to change?

    There’s always:

    See the Nov 19 (2007) update.

    Thx for a link.

    I will try it but still i would like to know (and i guess it is possible) in what file i can change that manually.

    You can modify it through the method Handy linked to (as an argument to the_content()) by editing one or more of the following files (each relating to a syndication format):


    To modify it globally, look for the get_the_content() function in wp-includes/post-template.php.

    Thx…i will try change it in post-template.php. I guess that will change only text in feeds as for web read more tag is changing in theme. Right?

    As I wrote, changing it in the core source (post-template.php) affects it globally across your blog. But you can override whatever WordPress uses through the ‘more_link_text’ parameter for the_content().

    OK than. I’ve backup original post-template.php as i don’t want to change it globally.

    Now….my feed in feedburner is from feed-rss2.php so i guess i need to change something in there. that file i have this line mentioning the_content()

    “<content:encoded><![CDATA[<?php the_content() ?>]]></content:encoded>”

    In that line all i need to do is add parameter in the_content() like this

    <?php the_content(‘Read on…’); ?>

    Is that right way to do it?

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