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  • Hi everybody. I have been using an older version of Sliding Door for a long while now, and circumstances have finally forced me to do an upgrade of everything. Unfortunately, it seems that since I originally made my theme (based on the sliding door template with a lot of edits) the way the menu is set up has changed.

    My question is simple: How do I change the text and the links for each image on the menu? There used to be lines of code for it, but they appear to be gone now, and I see nothing in WP Admin that allows me to edit it easily. I have downloaded the Page Links To plug-in, but that didn’t help either.

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  • It happens automatically now, it will automatically link to the first seven pages, and use the titles of these seven pages as the titles in the sliding headings.

    I’m testing this on a test domain, and it just doesn’t seem to update. All of the menus still go to parts of your site, and still say things like Weddings and Architecture.

    I seem to be having the same problem – new installation of Sliding Door ver 1.8.7, have created and recreated a few pages within wordpress, but still every image links to your site

    any help is appreciated


    I have the sliding door theme and love it!
    I wanted a couple of the sliders link to external sites.
    I accomplished this however if if I add additional pages then the link is lost?
    Can the new site I linked to open in a new window and if so How?
    And lastly is the theme used for Dubbo available?

    The used for dubbo has been uploaded – it’s called dropdown and is waiting approval

    looking at the code in “functions.php” it seems that if you have more than 3 pages on your blog you’ll get the page titles on the top menu instead of the default links…

    I have 7 pages with no parent, but only six are linking from the images – any ideas?

    how do i insert a different page in the 1 – 7 order?

    jnicolls – check out the theme website and the support website

    Read all the “Getting Started,” “FAQ,” and “Read this first” articles. The 7 sliding doors are covered here:

    support site
    Wordpress Support (Slidingdoor and Picture Perfect Themes) –>
    Getting Started –>
    Slidingdoor FAQ – Read this FIRST!

    Try this version – links are entered manually in theme options.


    Thank you very much, wayneconnor, for this theme. I helped my friend set up her site and she loved Sliding Doors. 🙂

    Webbstre & redwood02,

    As noted by pierinux, we need to modify functions.php.

    Look for the line

    if ($count < 3)

    and replace 3 with 1.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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