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  • Hey guy’s, I am wondering how to do change the footer text where it say’s “EvoLve theme by Theme4Press • Powered by WordPress” on the EvoLve theme, i would appreciate it if you can tell me how

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  • You will the text in footer.php in php codes

    You’ll need to understand at least the basic of PHP to edit the theme files. Click on “editor” under “appearance” and find the file named “footer.php”. Look for the test and only edit it if it’s not enclosed in “<?” tags. Messing with the PHP incorrectly can crash the site.


    In this particular case, the file you will need to edit is in this path:


    Look for the obvious plain text items starting on line 206 in that functions.php file. Don’t confuse it with the functions.php file in the root of the theme folder. There are two of them in this theme.

    Because the file you need to edit is located in a directory within the theme directory itself, you will not be able to access it with the built in wordpress editor. The editor is not capable of browsing directories. You can edit it locally and then upload it, or use an ftp client or the file manager in your hosts control panel to edit the file “live” and then save the changes. Don’t forget to make a backup copy first, just in case you need to replace it and start over if something doesn’t go quite right.

    Well said Clayton, I didn’t look at the PHP structure of that particular theme. Matthew, download an FTP client to access those directories. A good one is Filezilla. Google it, and follow the documentation and tutorials for using the program. Like Clayton said, be sure to copy the functions.php file to your desktop and keep as a backup in case all hell breaks loose from inadvertently broken PHP code…it will likely happen a few times in the beginning 🙂

    The calling function is this one, but it is coded in a way to make a mess if you simply delete all the line..
    <?php echo evolve_copy(); }
    If you want to modify the footer text you still need the function anyway.
    You can move the original function from the library/functions.php to functions.php so you can edit it on the fly.
    ask if do you need an example.



    Sounds fairly complicated. I think as of now I have just started thinking that my footer is not so bad I guess. Will post again if I find some decent [link removed] info

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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