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  • How to change the fonts of the post in the wordpress, i find that when i write a new post, there arent any font size, colour font option for me just like MS Words have. Anyone know where to get this plugin? Previously i found one plugin but after install it , it appear out of size from my blog post toolbar

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  • Well, do you want one font for all of your posts, or do you want varying fonts?

    Usually the posts-font is defined in your style.css.

    Well obviously WordPress does not offer the *cough* rich functionality of Word.:)

    I mean if there is any plugin that allow you to change the font size, colours and even type like times roman, arial etc?

    For the whole blog or occasionally mixing fonts in one single post?

    – To mix fonts in a post is a very bad idea, so it’s not likely you will find any “tool” for it; nobody is wasting time to create a useless tool…

    – If you want to change the font family for the whole blog, then see Sivar’s post.

    i am not mixing it, i want to change the overall font size too becos some readers complain the default size is abit small to be seen

    Find your css or style.css or stylesheet file, in the Admin section “Presentation” / Themes Themes Editor – pick Themes Editor. Any well-made theme will have as its first file the Stylesheet file.

    Since we know from your complaint that there’s only one font operational for your blog, then it’s usually true that:

    The font is declared in the first block of the Stylesheet, in code that looks like this:

    font:76% tahoma,verdana,sans-serif;
    background:#e6e6e6 url(images/bodybg.png) repeat-x;

    Look for a line similar to the one above that says `font:76% tahoma, verdana, sans-serif;’

    At this point, supposing that you see roughly what I see when I look at my Stylesheet, it is an eminently intelligent, swift, smart, good idea to make a backup copy of your theme, by finding the WP-Content folder in your WordPress installation, opening it, and finding the Themes directory, then opening that and locating the name of your them. Then the ftp program that has shown you this will allow you to “Download” to your own computer, maybe in a file with your blog name–on your Desktop, not your Documents file.

    Now, back to the stylesheet:
    Don’t change the size of 76% in that line declaring the fonts, or you’ll be in worse trouble than you are now. In the following part of the line you see the names of two or more fonts. In the theme I’m using as an example, there are two font names, and then a font type, which is san-serif.

    In HTML (of which CSS is a part) this is a way of letting a browser find a font to use, if neither of the first two fonts is available.

    The simplest fix is to pick the fonts you want and put them in the place of the ones that your Stylesheet is declaring.
    Then scroll down to the bottom of the window and look for the button outside the window that says “Update File.”

    Your Stylesheet will be updated with the new fonts.

    Anything more than the simplest fix such as this, and you need to be working with a CSS manual handy.

    Much success!

    Everything is true what petersig posted above… I just never recommend using the online Theme Editor: it doesn’t have an undo button!
    Edit always on your computer in a plain text editor and use ftp to upload the modified files. Of course, making a backup copy is always mandatory!

    If you want to be able to vary the font / color / size from the text editor you could add a class and style it in the CSS.

    Assuming you have got the fonts as a %, rather than actual size, it might be worth putting in a post about how to resize fonts in the actual browser.
    Some people might find it’s not only your site that has font that’s too small.

    However, in order to allow as many people with as many different browsers as possible to do it, make sure that you have the font sized in % or em; not in pt. (see for more info.

    i am lost now….as i am not coding inclined, why not give me the codes and show me where to insert it in?

    petersig did exactly what you’re asking a few posts above.

    If you are not *coding inclined* or willing to try there is not mucxh point in posting in this forum. All people can do to help is tell you how to edit various files. That is coding.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    More to the point, if you’re not coding inclined, you should not be trying to run a website. The web is a technical place and if you want to do technical things then you need to be technically inclined.

    If you don’t want to do it yourself, then I would suggest hiring somebody else to do it for you. The wp-pro mailing list is a great place to start.

    Hi, I have just been following petersig’s directions (thank you) and I was wondering, is it the case that the first font in the list in your style sheet will be the one displayed and then the next if the first is not available and so on? Or, do I need to change the font type at the end of the list to define the main font that I want?

    Thank you

    I have also just tried changing the fonts in this list but when I preview the page the font hasn’t changed. Any ideas?

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