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  • Please, I tried many times and tried to figure out how to change the font size for the template — Blue text in the sidebar, but the result is not good at all, it mess up my blog (

    1. How to change the font size to let it works well in both IE and Firefox?

    2. How to add the bullet point in the sidebar?

    Thank you for your help.

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  • The answer for 1. Look for this in style.css in the default theme folder:

    #sidebar {
    font: 1em 'Lucida Grande', Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;

    Change 1em to whatever you want: 0.7em, 1.3em, etc.

    Not sure about the bullet point, I’m not familiar with the default theme (I just looked this up cause I was ‘helping’). Maybe someone else knows. I seem to recall that adding <ul> and or <li> (or some variation thereof) to the php template (sidebar.php in this case) will change get_links_list() appearance, but a style.css change might also be necessary.

    Since I’m not familiar with the theme, likely someone else knows right away without playing with it….

    Getting templates to look good in all browsers is, well, best to check it yourself.

    Thank you klklaser, it works. Now the blue text in the sidebar looks much better. Q1 solved. Thanks for your kind help.

    I know I helped you repeatedly…but please quit being a dumbass. I mean Jesus! I helped you a number of times, asked you repeatedly on Yahoo to ask these questions you have on here, because simply I did not make this theme. These are questions that are needed to be asked here, I went out of my way to help you with a plugin, which took me 4 hours or so just to have you upload the files to where. Even made images to show you.

    Now you want me to help you AGAIN with something with a theme that is shit to begin with! Grab another theme, download it. Activate it….then modify it. It don’t get any simpler…I just gave the codes to do so via Yahoo messenger to display the catagories…..and such… I myself have problems with my own theme… which needs fixed.

    I can’t keep helping you with your’s…. please understand that much. I’m trying to help ya ….but I myself needs help. I ain’t that CSS smart 99.9999999999% of the time…. Just play with it ….and get it how you like it… or ask in here!! Cause I ain’t no EXPERT! I’m just trying to help you upload shit right, because you a dumbass and don’t know how……. oops….sorry. I’m drinking… =( Please forgive…


    P.S. On the topic of me being a CSS Dumb Fuck, I need help with the Andreas08 post I had earlier. For some reason it looks like hell in IE but semi ok in Firefox. Any suggestions? Check that in IE and the Firefox… what do you suggest? Moshu, anyone…??

    [spencerp] Can’t help unless you provide style.css.

    Hi katie, sorry about that. I was really drunk that night and just forgot. Or just assumed most would know how to find it. =) Jeesh! After re-reading that, I feel bad. I know she can drive me nuts on yahoo sometimes, but man was I drunk and pissed. =( Sorry about that Annliu.. =( Here’s the link to the css file.


    P.S. I know it’s one thing to take the anger out on “your” own blog, but shouldn’t be brought to other ppls sites. =( I gotta start watching what I type from now on, especially while drinking and on the WordPress forums..


    Apologies for the delay – was working my little butt off 🙂

    Ok. Have a major look at your files (html & CSS) and discovered some anomalies…

    1) You’re missing your beginning html – insert <html> at top of page

    2) delete spare </ul> from meta section just before closing meta </div>

    3) Insert in post-6 just before closing </div>

    4) Insert &nbsp; between feedback div’s

    5) Insert closing content </div> directly after closing splitcontentright </div> ie:

    <div class=”feedback”>&nbsp;</div>
    </div><!–closes splitcontentright–>
    </div><!–closes content–> /*goes here*/

    6) Insert clearing div after closing content div:
    <div class=”clear”></div>

    7) Change comment textarea cols=”100%” to 85%

    8) Delete 2x </div> directly after </form> – not necessary


    1) delete background images [you mention this templates doesn’t rely on them, so I removed them]

    #content {
    /*width:530px; */ comment out
    margin:10px 13em 3em 3em;
    /*padding:10px 0 0 10px;*/ comment out

    #subcontent {
    padding:5px 10px 10px 0;
    margin-top:10px; /*insert this equation */

    you mention #content twice. You need to remove the second notation which is just after your #header information.


    Everything sits nicely, as its suppose to with the exception of your text Post “Shitty Test Post”.

    I couldn’t alter the post position without dramatically changing the css, as there was NO CSS for this storycontent div.

    Perhaps you have the css for this elsewhere? You’ll need to adjust the margins to allow it to fit snugly after your wordpress menu box.

    Looks perfect (with exception mentioned above) in all browsers: Opera, FF, Moz, Net, IE6.

    Hope this helps.

    3) insert closing [/p] in post-6

    Ouch! lol! Mmm.. I was assuming this guy knew how to make themes, apparently I was wrong lmao!! =) When I put it through the validator, it was fine from what I saw. I guess not … I’ll have a closer look at what you said there katie.. =) Thanks for taking your time to look at it. Much appreciated.

    Well if all else fails, I’ll give you admin rights to the demo so you could play with it, and make it right. =) I did that for Cissi her site isn’t showing up for me at the moment, but I gave her admin rights and she helped me turn the Senorita theme into a 4 column theme from the original state. Hehe… =) She’s a sweetheart.

    It’s up to you though…if you’d like, here’s my msn addy to add me with: Or yahoo: twistedsociety666. The story behind that name is a story in itself lmao! But, yeah….I’ll try what ya said there once… =)


    Sorry Katie, I’m not quite gathering what you meant by number 3- 3) Insert in post-6 just before closing </div>

    I viewed the source, but didn’t see anything wrong with it at that place..mmm. Maybe I’m not quite sure of what you’re seeing or something lol…Or maybe I messed up in the post itself…let me check once…


    Your missing the closing p just before the actual closing div

    oh, dear – that’s you’re or maybe you were…

    Very strange. I’ve just taken another look and the /p’s now insitu.

    Stranger things have happened 🙂

    Katie1, I tried everything ya said and it didn’t change much really. =( I’m not sure what’s going on with it… maybe someone could download that theme once and fix it or just convert it themselves. Atleast someone else could maybe make it good… =)

    I’ll bump my post up once, the one that has the download link and stuff..


    P.S. Sorry that link for the download is no longer available.. I’ll upload the zip of it once.. And then place a new post for it..

    In what way isn’t it behaving? You can contact me via email: for chats, if it helps. Like I said before, the page was good to go, except the test post.

    Ok, here is the link to download that theme.

    Maybe someone else can fix this theme or something. I hope lol. =) Or maybe even make or convert their own version of it, so most codes are not placed in the header.php file.

    Screen shots of it in IE6:


    P.S. Katie1, well for some reason it seems fine or just ok in Firefox, but in IE6 it’s still looking like shits lmao… Mmm.. I dunno what’s going on with it lol..

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