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    I’m using the Post Loop with carousel theme on my homepage. If I don’t set ‘Featured Image’ for each post, the post loop will only display a grey box in place of an image. However if I set the Featured Image for each post, the thumbnail will display nicely on the Post Loop along with the post title, however I then have a massive image in the top of the post. Like Huge.

    How can I alter the settings to either reduce the size of the Featured Image…or change the Post Loop so that it gets the image used within the blog post body?


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  • Hi there baker_girl

    Vantage does show a copy of your featured image on individual posts, but it shouldn’t be too big. It’s possible that you need to regenerate your thumbnails.

    You can use this plugin to change the size of the featured images.

    Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for this. I’m still a bit confused though.

    I’ve installed the simple-image-sizes plugin. It allows you to set the widths of images for (what I’m guessing) are classes within the style sheet. For example I can change dimensions for: post-thumbnail-size, vantage-slide-size, vantage-carousel-size.

    However nothing I change seems to effect the featured image. Here’s a post example.

    When I check the source I can see the class attached to the featured image. Should I create a new custom thumbnail size using the plugin, named the same as below?

    <img width=”200″ height=”107″ src=”×107.png” class=”attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image” alt=”Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.51.21 AM”>

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Greg,

    I’ve actually found a workaround for this. I removed the following code from the content-single.php.

    <?php if( has_post_thumbnail() ): ?>
    <div class=”entry-thumbnail”><?php the_post_thumbnail( is_active_sidebar(‘sidebar-1’) ? ‘post-thumbnail’ : ‘vantage-thumbnail-no-sidebar’ ) ?></div>
    <?php endif; ?>

    The featured image now displays in the Post Loop on the home page but not within the blog post page.

    I’ll look at adding this as an option in the next update. I always try keep options to a minimum, but I imagine hiding the featured image from blog posts is something a lot of people might want to do.

    As for the Simple Image Sizes plugin. I think the main point to remember is that you need to regenerate thumbnails after changing their sizes. I’ll add some documentation on using this plugin with Vantage to our docs.

    Your site is looking great by the way! I see that you have service prices on your site. Have you tried using the pricing box widget for your different services? Their design might not be to your liking, but it’s worth checking out 🙂

    I also took off the featured image code from my content-single because my featured images are usually small maybe 300 x 300 but they would blow up under single views. I think that’s a good work around, Baker_Girl



    I thought I might add that I also removed the same code from the content.php as I wanted to turn off the featured image from the actual blog page too. I just use small feature images within the body copy as well.

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I’ve checked out a few other plugins for pricing but they didn’t suit the style. I’ll check out the widget though. Thanks.


    Really do love your template — I chose to upgrade it because I was impressed by the responsiveness. Glad to see which php to comment out — I too really hated the forced featured image at the top of things.

    Keep up to good work — your customer support is impressive.

    This is a good workaround, except once you update the theme, the files revert to the old settings. Has anyone come up with a permanent workaround?


    I created a child theme of Vantage in the end and updated the relevant php files with the changes detailed further above to make this permanent. So now whenever I update the parent theme, it doesn’t override my custom settings for the Featured Image.

    The child theme is a good work around, it is what I did too.

    However, with Greg’s new update, he did a lot of the things I had already done manually through code in my child theme (like show excerpt/thumbnails on archive/blog pages), etc. So having child themes can be a problem when updates roll around because you have to see how they relate with the updates and see which changes you want to keep, and which changes conflict with your modifications.



    Hey Greg –

    I’m using the Vantage Premium theme. My site is

    I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to coding language, but can follow directions. I am trying to use page builder on my home page and utilize the post loop (PB) widget. At first, I didn’t understand why it wasn’t showing an image when selecting various options (like the carousel or loop). I realize now that I need to select a “feature image” for each blog (only took me 4 years to learn about a feature image…oh.). Anyway, this is great for having an image show up on my home page/in the widget, but I don’t necessarily want that image to show up on the top of my blog posts when you click to the post/page…just show in the teaser. Also, how do I crop vertical images to how I want them to show up in the carousel slider? Does that make sense? Any suggestions? Much appreciated.


    Hey guys!

    I know the topic is three months old, but I’d like to know if there was any change in the vantage theme.

    My featured images blow up the same way. (I tried to cut out the code snippets, but I don’t work with a child theme, so it gets overwritten quite soon afterwords)
    If there was a change in an update I didn’t find it.



    I have the same problem, the featured images are huge. I managed to resize them with the Simple Image Sizes plugin, but that again affected the size of the images shown in the post loop on my homepage; they’re now tiny. I don’t know how to work around this… Anyone who could help me out?

    $url = wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id($custompostid) );
    <img src=”<?php echo $url; ?>” alt=”Smiley face” height=”250″ width=”250″>
    <?php } ?>

    This works to do all of the following:

    1. To shows posts in your Sidebar that have the Thumbnail Image, the Title, Date, Except and a Read More with link to the Blog Post use the Recent Posts Widget Extended. Others will also work, but that’s the one I used.

    2. To get the Thumbnail into your post. Put the image in the FEATURED IMAGE box on your Post page (it’s at the bottom).

    3. Now what you’ll see if the Sidebar Post with a Thumbnail Image. But, you’ll have a 100×100 Thumbnail image that will show up on your Blog (all posts) page. It won’t be on the singular post page, however.

    4. Below is the rewritten code to put into APPEARANCE > CUSTOM CSS (don’t forget to hit the UPDATE after adding the code — it’s at the bottom).

    /* use both CSS codes below to remove the Featured Image from appearing on the Blog page */ .entry-thumbnail img, .entry-thumbnail img {
    display: none;
    } .entry-main, .entry-main {
    width: 100%;
    float: left;

    I don’t know where Greg has it coded to show this Thumbnail in the .php files (I looked in several), so used this workaround to get rid of that featured image showing up on the Blog postings. I have an e-mail into him requesting the solution as there’s probably a better solution to than this, but haven’t heard back yet and this has been driving me crazy now for 3 days. Hope this helps anyone else who’s been dealing with this like the group above.

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