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  • Hey everyone! I know I already came to this forum asking lots of stupid questions but I don’t really know a lot about coding and complicated stuff.
    First of all please enter on my website: because I feel you can understand better from there. The website’s in spanish.
    Enter on any page or post on the site (pages zre in the top bar, the dark one). You see the comments there. But there’s a problem: the comments part (where it says “Deja un Comentario”) passes through the sidebar and that part stays down the sidebar, so the text is not seen correctly and it says just “Pu” instead of “Publicar comentario” (Publish Comment). When I enter as an administrator I can see the “You’ve entered as…” box, but the notification box is bigger and traspasses the sidebar too.
    This started with another problem, because my theme has 2 sidebars but only 1 shows up, so I had to edit the CSS file to move the big sidebar and the small one can show there. So I might have not seen something else.
    And the comment form has also the real size because I manually had to change that size.
    But i don’t know how to change the width of that “Deja un Comentario” part so it fits with the page.
    Can you tell me which part of the CSS or of the theme files should I edit for that? or what can I do?
    For the unregistered users, my theme uses the comment_form() function and for the registered ones this form is made manually with the theme (if ( $user_ID )).
    Thanks a lot!
    If you don’t understand something please tell me but write something, I need help and I know you are the best ones!

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