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    I am a total noob at WordPress so forgive me, but I am trying to change the images and text on the Slider and I have no idea how to. Please help (hopefully it doesn’t involve coding lol). Thanks.

    This is for the Theme: Customizr.


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  • Oops. That should have said …and this video.

    Fantastic. Thank you.

    Informative video but I can’t seem to change out the stock slider, on the front page. I created a Static front page but can’t see when I attach my newly created slider. I made a HOME page which shows up and when a attach my slider to that page, the slider doesn’t show up.

    I’m sure it’s something really simple that I’m missing but apparently I’m missing it. Sorry.

    Thx for the help.

    Of course – I JUST figured it out. For anyone else who may run into this.

    I needed to change the FRONT PAGE DISPLAYS to No Pages or Posts.

    Sorry. 🙂

    I want the slider, but not the full front page display. I set up the slider, but it’s not working. I still see the stock slider on my site.

    So far this theme, which has so much potential, has been very frustrating. There are obvious places where more instructions could be placed so I know what to do, but I’ve watched videos, gone to the FAQs, read things here, and I’m still not getting it.

    I also understand that I can use the slider on other pages, but if I can’t get it to work on the home page, will it work on inside pages?

    I also turned off the full width and still have the full width stock slider.

    Did you create sliders? You can’t use sliders that do not exist.

    Upload pictures and create sliders from their edit screens. Than go back to Customize screen and select your newly created slider for the front page.

    You can create as many sliders as you want and you may select them from page edit screen to display on a particular page.

    David Burkhart


    Thanks, Joe, for the tip on changing the custom theme setting. That is quite an awkward requirement, having to disable the front page from showing pages and posts before allowing sliders to be created.

    Joyce, you got the hard part done, being able to create a slider. Now go to the custom theme settings (Appearance / Customize) and look in the front page slider options to select your slider. And, don’t forget to save!

    I’m looking for help with linking the images in the slider to a page. It doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    URL is

    I want each slider to link through to one of the pages in the website.

    Thanks for your help. I’m pretty new to WordPress.


    The slider links on your landing page are working fine for me. You may need to simply refresh. If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser cache or a different browser.

    You’ve got your site looking great.


    Really nice theme, so powerful and it’s free! Really appreciate the sharing!

    I have read through the tips on the slider creation but none works for me. I have a freshly installed site running latest wordpress, just install the theme but even doing what @david Burkhart ‘s suggestion on the reviews section e.g. select “do not display any posts or page” in “Front page” etc., on how to trigger the slider option to show in admin panel didn’t work. I have no way to get to the slider editor hence can’t update the slider at all…

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!


    There isn’t a Slider Editor as such. You start in the Media Library with a selected Image. At the bottom of that page there is a Slider Yes/No switch which opens up options to create a new Slider.

    See Documentation for more information

    ScorpionGirl: Go back an ensure the “Front page displays” setting is still set to “Don’t show any posts or page”. If it isn’t, you forgot to save the setting. So, set it again and save the setting.

    To create a slider, go to the media library and edit an image. The “Slider Options” control should appear at the bottom of the Edit Media page. If it does not show, the slider functionality failed to initialize for a yet unknown reason. But, assuming it does show, enable the image to be used in a slider (change “Add to a slider” from “NO” to “YES”), add a new slider name, select the slider name, and press the “Update” botton. Then, edit more images, adding them to the same slider by selecting the name. Don’t forget to update each time you finish changing settings on a page.

    As indicated above, once you see the Slider Options control, slider functionality should be initialized properly. Now you can change the “Front page displays” settings back or to whatever else you prefer. But, don’t forget to select the slider under the custom “Front page” settings. And, don’t forget to save!

    ^^^ Thanks for the help! I got it worked now 😛

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