• WordPress is installed on a regular server, but I am hosting all my media/images on AWS S3. So every Featured image gets pushed to S3 instead of hosting locally on the site’s server.

    All is well, except that the META Tags Shareaholic auto-generates still show my attachment/image URL as being my local domain.

    This causes a problem because whenever I click a ‘share’ link, no images come through on the post teasers.

    My temporary solution is this (below), but a better solution would be much appreciated.

    WordPress 5.3
    Shareaholic Version 8.13.11


     //  /wp-content/plugins/shareaholic/public.php (line: 310)
      if ($thumbnail_src != NULL) {
             $thumbnail_src = str_replace('https://domain.com', 'https://AWS-Domain.com/',$thumbnail_src );
            echo "<meta name='shareaholic:image' content='" . $thumbnail_src . "' />";
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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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