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  • Does any one know how to change the url your page is on?
    For Example IF I have
    BUt I want it to be displayed at

    as that is the page this content is on and already spidered by the Search engines.
    RT now I have a page 1 and 4
    no 2 or 3
    It used to have a 3 but I deleted it becuase P3 was supposed to be P2
    I thought by deleting it and re-creating it as my second page that it would be p2 but now it is p4 and i have the felling if I try this again it will become Pg5.
    Thank you in advance for your timae and consideration

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  • I – THINK – you can only do this in the database. I could be wrong (quite frequently am!) and if so, someone will correct me….

    Actually those “p”s are posts, not Pages. And yes, if you have 100 posts and delete 99 of them, the next post will have 101 as ID# – that’s how MySQL works.

    SO ARE you saying there is no way to correct the post #?
    If so this is very bad news for me ;>(
    Please if anyone knows how I would go about changing the id# for the post that would be great.
    As always thank you everyone for all of your help
    Anthony Veneziano

    As Vkaryl said above: you have to go into the MySQL database through some admin interface like phpMyadmin and change manually the post ID#.
    But I don’t know of any method that would “re-wind” the numbering. Even changing the 101 to 2, the next would be again 102… and so on.
    Why is that so important? Nobody visitor ever cares about the post ID#. And if you will start using permalinks – they won’t be seen anyway 🙂

    Thank you I will go to phpmyadmin and try that
    MOSHU it is important because this blog already exsit and is indexed in MSN very HIgh for lots of high quality keywords. Some recieveing over 100,000 searches a month. I lost the old blog and all of its contents earlier today. I am now trying to recreate the blog exactly as it was will all the post having the same post #s so that search engines still recognize the pages and they have the same content on them. I do not want to lose my rankings .
    I am using all the cached versions of my blog in MSN to do this
    I have to be quick as it has already re-indexed several of these pages and soon all of the mwill be out of MSN cache.
    I hope that makes since on why this is urgent to me.
    look up posh tots coupons on msn to see what i mean
    you will see this url in second place
    however there is nothing there I want to make sure when I get to post 13 it is the posh tots coupons post and if it is not I want t obe able to name it that.
    You will notice my main url is aldo #1 for that term. However this is not always the case sometimes only my blog is ranked and I dont / cant afford to lose that traffic. I rely ON MSN because googel has me sandboxed rt now.
    Thank you guys and gals if any of you are females for all your help

    Thank You vkaryland moshu,
    You guys knew exactlly what you were talikng about
    I have gone to phpmyadmin
    and edit post #
    thanks heaps
    HAve a great day

    OK, since you have only 2 posts now… instead of trying to fight against the MySQL – why don’t you drop the tables from the DB and make a new install? Then try to carefully re-create your blog without deleting any of the posts, so your ID#s could be as you want them.

    I thought about that but I had trouble withtthe first install and had to get my host to go in and change values so that it would work.
    I set the config file correct Ithink they had to change values on their end. BUt I dont want to go through that again. I just want to restore my blog add a new pst or two and go to bed. Im Not to worried about fighting against MY sql now that I know how to do it
    Besides I only have about 20 post to recreate then I will let SQL run its natrual course. I wont mind if it goes from post 20 to 24 without anything on21,22,23 becasue there never was anything there in the first plaace so those pages are not indexed and do not/could not bring me traffic.
    Thank you for all your help other wise I am not sure I would have been able to figure this out.

    Make sure you make complete change. That post ID is attached to category and comment.

    Thanks alphaoide that was alot very helpful information to know and I was unaware of it.
    I am now also having a new problem whenever I go to PHPmyadmin I can not click on browse or search in my comments. so I can not make the necessary changes. It let me do it the first time I tried and the changes I made worked but now I can not get accsess to it anymore.
    Any ides why this is happening?
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Anthony Veneziano

    Problem solved thanks for everyone help
    No need to reply t olasrt question
    good night all

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