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    I am using the twenty twelve child theme and am trying to organize my Page or Menu Tabs on my blog. I really want the tab that says ‘Blogroll’ to be the last tab, but they automatically put in alphabetical order. How can I change that??
    My site is
    Thank you so much!

    (also, are child themes very different from the original? I watch tutorials on how to do things on wordpress, but then my blogpost template has different features.)

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  • You should be able to drag/drop the menu items into any order you like –

    A child theme should not look any different in the dashboard – although if you made changes (options and settings) in the parent theme those don’t carry over to the child theme so you need to redo them. Different themes can be quite different and if it’s an older version of WP in the tutorial, that might be different too.

    Thank you very much. I will look at that now. I guess I need to make a Menu, insert the categories and THEN change the order?

    The difference I am talking about is that the ‘visual’ and ‘text’ tabs (when i write a blog post) are called ‘visual’ and ‘html’ tabs in the tutorials. I cannot figure out to insert the html of my affiliation links, since all the tutorials explain how to do this in the ‘html’ tab, and my text tab does not feature the same options. I hope that makes any sense.

    Oh yeah, the HTML got changed to TEXT in WP3.5 – but it does the same thing. What seems to be missing from there?

    Oh and yes, on the menu!

    Thank you!

    I am trying to add an amazon affiliate link to some of my posts and it just does not work. In the tutorial they just paste it into the html field OR click on the link option and paste it in there. Neither one works for me.

    (Thanks, the menu thing worked great!)

    Are you putting that code in the text editor? Avoid switching between the text and visual editors – as that causes problems – you can switch after you’ve saved any changes.

    Again, thank you. I’ll try that out. I did paste it in the text editor, then switched back to visual and ‘saved’, and then only saw the code spelled out (no link). When I put it in the ‘link’ box it added code to each side of the phrase I highlighted and didn’t take me anywhere when I clicked on it.
    Maybe it’s just cause I’ve been switching back and forth. Thanks.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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