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    I think this should be a simple question, but I cannot find the answer…

    I want to increase the number of posts that display on a category page OR paginate my post categories, so that a user who scrolls to the bottom of the category can easily navigate to earlier posts in that same category.

    1. Where is the setting for number of posts on a category page? How can I change it? (I can find the wp_options table in phpmyadmin, but I don’t know how to edit the entry, and I think there should be a dashboard-type page for this…)

    2. Is there an easy way to add a pagination feature to my blog?

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  • 1) Search here in the forums for the CQS (or Custom Query String) plugin.

    2) You’ll want to elaborate on that. Pagination for what? a single Post? A Page?

    1. Thanks. I found some posts about that plugin, but I cannot find the plugin. gets me to an announcement “Project No Longer Supported.” The plugin itself is downloadable from, but I see no documentation there. Also, I don’t want to customize the number of items that display at one time, I merely want to increase the default.

    2. I think this is an issue with my installed theme. When I display posts and scroll down to the bottom of the page, I want to see a link that takes people to previous posts that fit the same parameters (previous posts if they are viewing the main page, previous posts in the category if they are viewing a category). However, at the bottom of the page there is no navigation information…

    1. I finally found the default setting under Options – Reading (I don’t know how many times I had already looked there but failed to see it).

    2. I still would like to be able to display x posts, then give the viewer a link to “see previous x posts”….

    2. Your theme is not properly coded! it is missing the crucial template tag for that:

    Thanks for the advice. Website fixed. Case closed.

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