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  • Hi, please let me know how I can:

    1. change the label on the website “Sku” to “Product #” and also “products” to “service parts” also how I can add the Sku/Product# to the product listing page after title.

    Thank you!

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  • Never mind I figured it out. It doesnt look like the developers are supporting this. In case anyone needs:
    1. I changed the word Sku: to Product#: in /public/shortcode/product-view.php
    2. Copied the following on /public/shortcode/product-view.php

       $item_price = get_post_meta( $post_id, '_ctlggi_item_price', true );
        $item_sku   = get_post_meta( $post_id, '_ctlggi_item_sku', true );


      	if( empty( $item_price ) ) $item_price = '0';
    	if( empty( $item_sku ) ) $item_sku = '';

    and replaced the price declaration around lines 62 & 68 with the above on /public/pages/includes/cataloggi-products.php

    Then to show the sku, I added the following to the same page right after the section that shows the price around line 114

    <hr class="cataloggi-hr">
        <?php if ( $item_sku != '' ) { ?> 
          <div class="cataloggi-row">
            <div class="cataloggi-col-6">	
            <?php _e( 'Product#:', 'cataloggi' ); ?> <?php esc_attr_e( $item_sku ); ?> 
            </div><!--/ col -->
          </div><!--/ row -->
        <?php } ?>  

    hope this helps someone

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